TCHERS' VOICE / Class Culture

Using Global Learning to Build Compassion

In our world today, it’s critical that students become globally minded with the capacity to understand one another and to live with compassion. 

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TCHERS' VOICE / Professional Learning

Why Advanced Ed Degrees Don't Help Teachers

By FutureEd
February 14, 2020

Research has repeatedly found that the courses don’t improve teacher performance, students of teachers with master’s degrees don’t perform better on standardized tests, and many teachers themselves say the graduate education courses are a waste

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Retain Children's Creativity with Alternative Learning Models

Every person has the capacity to imagine, create, and propose with solutions to problems. The trick is that this innate ability is sharpened or blunted by the education they receive. 

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TCHERS' VOICE / English Language Learners

Creating a Welcoming Classroom for Newcomer Immigrant Students

By Lisa Auslander
February 14, 2020

Let's look at research-backed strategies for getting to know your students’ contexts inside and outside the classroom and ways to target support for helping newcomer students adapt to U.S. classrooms.

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TCHERS' VOICE / Lesson Planning

Is it Possible to Detect Plagiarism?

By Serhii Tkachenko
January 09, 2020

 What is Plagiarism these days and how an AI contract cheating detection software from Unicheck, teachers can prevent contract cheating and make sure their students’ works are authentic.

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