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3 Tech Tools for Teachers—Share Your Favorites


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In the past couple of weeks I have discovered three great tech tools that are free—and can make your teaching life easier. Take a look at my list and then add your own in the comments section. What tools are you finding useful? Please share!

1. Audio-Feedback: Forget the ink. Use your voice instead. You can give more feedback in less time. Check out Sarah Brown Wessling's new video about podcasting and then try the free audio recording service Audacity.

2. Track Student Behavior: Two words. Class Dojo. Maybe I'm behind the times, but this simple tool allows you to easily reward and recognize the student behaviors you want to see and track behaviors over time. Get it while it's free.

3. Visualize Mathematics: I know there are a lot of graphing calculators out there, but this one is pretty nifty. With this tool you can reinforce the idea of multiple representations, save, and even share graphs. Be warned, you may dork out on this. Also… free.

Okay, your turn! Let's grow the list.


  • Private message to mahnaz mobasher
I am so happy to find your website!
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  • Private message to Marisol Araya
Hi there! Here some tools I would like to recommend: Dvolver Movimaker (let's make digital movies on line),Fodey (Create newspaper clipping with your writing), Graphic organizers,Mind Meister (create mind maps on line),Photo Peach (slideshows, share photos, art projects), Pimpamplum Bubblr (create comic strips using flickr), Smilebox (share photos and videos with music),Storybird (story you make to share,read, and print) Voki (speaking avatar), Blaberize (You can make anything talk). These are some tools I use with my students; they are easy to use and free... hope you enjoy them!
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  • Private message to Robert Butcher
Hi Marie, thanks for the suggestions (big fan of audacity!). I work for an education tech start-up in London, and we've recently launched the new version of Wordia ( - a free online literacy classroom resource which teaches vocabulary skills to students through video and games-based learning. Would love to know what you think, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Robert (
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  • Private message to Debra Thomas
I love using dropbox and symbaloo in the classroom. Dropbox keeps me from having to use a thumb drive and my grade level can share resources this way as well. Symbaloo is a really cool and FREE piece of software that I use at my computer centers to organize my Math Daily 5 and my Reading Daily 5.
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  • Private message to Chris Frandsen
Marie, I met you briefly at SXSWedu. I love your website and your blog. I have passed it on to my teacher daughters and my education professor wife. keep up the good work. Chris Frandsen
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