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Video Playlist: 9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management

January 24, 2014


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Creating a positive classroom culture can be a challenge, but it's a crucial element in making a class run smoothly. In the video "New Teacher Survival: Classroom Management" featured below, Dr. Jackie Ancess of Columbia University says you want a classroom to be an "orderly and safe space so that the kids can learn what you want them to learn."

Often this means setting (and enforcing) standards for appropriate classroom behavior. Identifying expectations for students and holding them to those expectations gives them a sense of stability and increases class unity. Classroom management doesn't necessarily mean telling kids, "Don't do that," but rather creating a culture where the class understands, "We do this to be successful learners."

This week, our playlist highlights a mix of techniques for fostering classroom management and a productive classroom culture. Some of these approaches may take a bit of time to set into motion, but several of the videos give tips you can try tomorrow.

Video Resources

1. Using a Number System to Streamline Class Routines

Ms. Ramos uses numbers to teach students accountability and reliability. Her system helps students feel that they have a specific place in the class while minimizing disruptions.

Using a Number Line





2. Setting the Tone from Day One

This video highlights the importance of setting and enforcing expectations for classroom behavior at the beginning of the school year.

Setting the Tone






3. Creating a Positive Classroom Culture

In this video, Ms. Saul involves her students in helping manage the class and adhering to goals and expectations that they’ve set for themselves.

Creating A Positive Classroom






4. Attention Getter: Say the Secret Word

In this classroom, Ms. Ramos has a secret weapon: a secret word that alerts her class to stop what they’re doing and listen to her.

Attention Getter






5. New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management

This video lays out 7 great tips to help transform a classroom.

New Teacher Survival Guide






6. Caring and Control Create a Safe, Positive Classroom

This is a wonderful look at how to approach discipline from a positive perspective. Ms. Sinclair enforces her class contract not by reprimanding students, but by praising them for their good behavior, making them a model for others. She also performs a quick, daily assessment of students' feelings at the start of class, building trust and providing a sense of catharsis.

Caring and Control






7. Ms. Noonan: Managing Transitions

See how Ms. Noonan demonstrates how repetition of key words and phrases can create a tempo and structure for the classroom, signaling to students when something is expected of them. Ms. Noonan's strategy requires students to pay extra attention in the lesson, as the transition prompts change regularly, and are usually questions related to concepts they have just learned.

Ms Noonan







8. Choreograph Your Classroom

See how Ms. Saul devotes a lot of thought to the flow of her lessons, directing students’ movements and ensuring no time is lost with traffic jams or uncertainty over what to do next.







9. The 3 B's: Managing Classroom Interruptions

In this video, Ms. Abdul Wajid very clearly defines boundaries for her students when she is meeting with others either individually or in small groups. These kinds of rules of thumb inspire respect and understanding.

Three Bs







Elizabeth Weiland is Teaching Channel’s Advertising and Licensing Account Manager. Follow her on Twitter, @ElizabetWeiland.

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I wanted to share a great resource for teachers looking for safe, royalty free music for your class projects or videos.
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I am in Early Head start / Early Childhood Development After 30 years in the field I still see new teacher struggling when it comes to classroom management not understanding you can not do everything by the book can you if you already have not create a section for Early Childhood development Educators. I am finding so much helpful ways to share different things but some times its good coming from others! Thanks for TCH... Felecia of DC
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  • Private message to joanne coleman
Hello, I am currently a middle school math teacher. I came to middle school after 13 years at the elementary level. I found this post to be most interesting. While I feel that classroom management is one of my strong suits, it is certainly more challenging at the middle school level. The videos and the links were helpful reminders of how to create a positive and safe learning environment. I would love any other suggestions you may have that are directed specifically towards middle school classes. thank you, Joanne Coleman
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Hello there, I'm Savannah Rhodes, and I'm currently a junior studying Secondary Education at the University of South Alabama. I hope to become a middle school math, and music teacher someday! Right now, I'm taking a class called EDM 310 in which we learn about new & exciting ways that technology can be used in the classroom! We just created our own class blogs, and we're learning about how blogging is beneficial not only in the classroom, but also in finding tips & information to better yourself as a teacher as well. My teacher sent me here to check out this website, and I will be featuring this post along with another one over on my class blog in a few weeks! As someone who is studying to become a new teacher, this video playlist has a lot of great advice on how to make the classroom a positive and effective learning environment. I can't wait to share some of these tips with my fellow classmates because I feel like this is valuable information for both new teachers & old. These tips are definitely something I will remember for my first year teaching after I graduate! Thanks for this post.
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