Teacher Toolkit: English Language Learners


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Resources and Tips: English Language Learners

Best Practices

5 Key Strategies for Instruction

Deeper Learning for English Language Learners

Early Childhood Education

Common Core and Supporting ELLs in the Primary Classroom

Lesson Ideas and Strategies

Engaging ELLs in Academic Conversations

Exemplar Unit: ELA and Common Core for Middle School

The Writing Recipe: Essay Structure for ELLs

Using Sentence Frames to Jumpstart Writing

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

Talk Moves & Revoicing: Developing Communication Skills


Collaborating to Plan Common Core Lessons for ELLs

Supporting ELLs Through Project-Based Learning

Teaching Channel Q&A

Q: I teach secondary level ESL. Can you share some of your ideas on how to teach writing?

Q: I am a new ESL teacher looking to build my personal resource library. Can you recommend some reading?

Q: How can I use technology to help ELL students at the middle and secondary levels?

I am thrilled to read a blogpost about the importance of blogging for English Language Learners! Blogging is an outstanding way to get ELLs, and all students, to understand the pragmatics of written communication. In a world that has gone text, post, photo, and soundbite, give students a purpose for writing out thoughts and sharing experiences is just a great idea. We recently added that component to our Writing in the Common Core workshop for teachers of English Language Learners (https://training4teachers.com/professional-development-institute/profess…) and have heard from teachers that blogging is super-motivating and has increased engagement for their students. Your blogpost did a great job of laying out the steps to get students involved in real and meaningful ways.
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I am brand spankin new ESL Teacher and I work mainly with students in Grades 4-8. I push into 3 out of 6 classes that I have where I am suppose to support my students in their Social Studies class. My question is how can I specifically modify the teachers lesson plan so this way my ELL students are being met?
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How can I use technology to teach kindergartners ?
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Please test my new tool for creating printable memory cards http://wuppsy.com/flash-memory-cards-printable-generator/ It helps in learning English very much
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I am a new English teacher, ve been teaching English I ve problem with me that is poetry teaching please tell me or upload poem teaching videos to My email ID: mallemanju124@gmail.com I am looking forward ur help
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