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#TchLIVE: Growth Mindset


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In the last couple of years, the topic of growth mindset has been buzzing about in my district and, it seems, everywhere else. Much of the professional development offered in my district as well as the professional development I've sought, has at least touched upon the issue of student mindsets. Carol Dweck, the pioneer in the field, has explained the importance of having a growth mindset. But the burning question is: How do we teach that to our students, all of them?

I've been giving some thought to the ways in which my mindset is fixed about certain things, yet malleable regarding others. How do I work with my struggling students to increase their perseverance and improve the effectiveness of their effort? How do I let students know that I will never give up on them, even if they themselves give up? How do I teach my high-achieving students that when something is hard, that doesn’t mean you’re not good at it, it just means that you haven’t figured it out yet? These are my questions and my challenges.

I know many teachers are asking themselves these same questions, as well as others related to growth mindset. If you're one of those teachers, I hope you'll join the #TchLIVE Twitter conversation Thursday, January 21st, at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET. We'll be discussing growth mindset as a guiding principle in teaching, and ways to incorporate growth mindset lessons and activities into our instruction. I hope to hear what you're trying, what has had a positive impact on your students, and where you're still looking for ideas.

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Marion is a kindergarten teacher in Oak Park, Illinois. She has been teaching since 1992, most of that time in kindergarten. Marion is a member of the Illinois Writing Project and the Collaboration for Early Childhood. She currently teaches full day kindergarten at Longfellow Elementary School. Connect with Marion on Twitter: @Mrs_Ivey_says.


  • Private message to Marion Ivey
Chantal, I thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I am pleased that you found to found a kindred spirit.
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  • Private message to Chantal Winter
I can feel your passion in your writing. Your questions are the ones I ask myself and my colleagues all the time. My students tend to give up so weekly and I encourage them to keep at it all the time but is that enough? I believe it all comes down to our instruction and its design. I believe our lessons should be designed to include as much participation of our students as possible. Just maybe, if they realise that they are the ones that brought themselves to reach so far to the point where challenges arise, then this ownership of their learning would be enough to encourage them to persevere. I believe questioning is key to keep students thinking and to grow beyond what they believe they are capable of. I always believe its practice and consistent study.
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