Sean McComb

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, Baltimore County, Maryland


Sean McComb teaches students English at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts in the Baltimore County Public Schools System. Sean also supports the development of teaching and learning for Baltimore County's STAT Initiative. He is affiliated with the Maryland Writing Project, NCTE, Learning Forward, the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, and ISTE. Sean is the 2014 National Teacher of the Year and a Teaching Channel Laureate. Sean currently serves as a 2016 - 2017 U.S. DOE Teaching Ambasssador Fellow. Connect with Sean on Twitter: @Mr_McComb.


Supporting Transgender Students
Sean McComb and Natalie Avallone offer these suggestions for creating classroom and school cultures more supportive to gender-nonconforming students.

I #LoveTeaching — Even On The Tough Days
Join Sean in celebrating the teaching profession and sharing with the world through #LoveTeaching.

A New School Year And Our Greatest Fear
Sean invites you to ask "what really matters" as you return to your classroom this fall. Find out how Letters to the Next President 2.0 can be an exciting piece of the puzzle.

Getting Better Together: Products of Personalized Learning
Sean shares authentic products of his student interest-driven, project-based learning experiment.

Getting Better Together: Planning for Personalized and Customized Learning
Sean provides into his journey to provide his students with an education he feels they deserve.

#TeacherLove: On the Shoulders of Giants
Sean honors and appreciates foundational teachers in his life during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Getting Better Together: Getting Better at Personalized Learning
Read an overview of two new videos featuring Sean's work on personalized learning.

Getting Better Together: Four Positives From Personalized Learning
Sean reveals his takeaways so far in his Getting Better Together work.

Five Favorite Reads For Your Professional Bookshelf
What are the books that activate Sean's brain and make his practice click?

Why Do You #LoveTeaching?
Sean spearheaded a grassroots effort to highlight the things we love about the profession.

Teaching With Grace, Learning With Dignity
Sean works to teach with patience and a restorative approach that allows his students to learn with dignity.

Hacking Feedback: Seeking And Receiving Feedback From Students
Sean seeks feedback on his teaching practice from students as a way to get better.

Hacking Feedback: 3 Strategies + Tools
Sean explains three strategies to make feedback more efficient and relevant to his students.

Hacking Feedback: The Bookends
Find out how Sean makes students’ perception of their work, and reception of feedback, visible.

Getting Better Together: The Path to Personalization: Finding My Legs
Sean McComb takes his first steps towards a personalized learning experience for students.

Why teachers - as well as students - should join the #WhyIWrite Campaign as part of the National Day on Writing.

Three Strategies to Jumpstart Classroom Relationships
Building trusting relationships with students is at the center of Sean's "teacher heart."

#TchLIVE: Meet the Tch Laureate Team!
Sean leads a Twitter chat to introduce the Tch community to the new Tch laureates.

Getting Better Together: In Pursuit of Personalized Learning
Sean launches his Getting Better Together focus for the year.

Bridging Learning Gaps Through Small Groups
In this interactive video, Sean invites us to discuss his use of small group instruction.

Making Learning Personalized and Customized
Watch Sean set up his classroom to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Making Feedback Meaningful
Students work independently and in small groups to get useful feedback on their writing.

Getting Better Through Authentic Feedback
A roundtable conversation with students helps Sean better see how he can improve his practice.

The Learning Walk
Discover a collaborative professional learning experience based on group observations.

Reflections on Practice and Growth
National Teachers of the Year discuss getting better in their practice.

Author's Purpose: Analyzing & Adapting Texts
Analyzing a speech and using its themes to develop and deliver a choral reading.

Meet the Finalists: 2014 National Teacher of the Year
Sean, as 2014 National Teacher of the Year finalist, introduces himself.

Sean McComb: Profile in Practice
A deeper look at Sean's practice.