Tom Jenkins

Greenon Junior/Senior High School, Enon, Ohio


Tom Jenkins teaches both middle school science and STEM in Enon, Ohio. He is a NASA SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador, Manager of Special Projects at the Dayton Regional STEM Center, as well as the Boeing Science Teacher Laureate for Teaching Channel. Connect with Tom on Twitter: @TomJenkinsSTEM.


Tch DIY: Build & Tch with Tom Jenkins
Tom’s new video series provides step-by-step instructions on how to construct wind turbine stands, shake tables, an electromagnetic dropping mechanism, and an air compressed rocket launcher.

Seven Reasons I March for Science
Tom shares how he communicates the importance of science to his students.

Growth Mindset in STEM: EDP and the Writing Process
Tom shares the connections between the engineering design process and growth mindset.

Video Self-Reflection: Indoor Rockets
Tom shares a clip from his teaching practice and asks readers to share their thoughts.

Five Tools & Processes for Translating the NGSS
Dora Kasten and Tom Jenkins write about a set of NGSS resources for educators.

The Struggles of Being a Teacher Leader
Tom shares his ideas on how to find balance as a teacher leader.

#TeacherLove: The Person Who Changed My Life
Tom writes about the importance of having a mentor.

Bringing Engineering Design Into the Classroom
Introducing the engineering design process into his teaching was a watershed moment for Tom.

Tom encourages us to post pics of our students engineering builds to Instagram with the hashtag #TchFutureEngineers.

A Roundup of Tch Science Resources
A great roundup of Tch science resources, including several newly published videos.

One Giant Leap Into 21st Century Science Standards
Tom explores science, math, and engineering concepts while updating and improving a student-favorite unit.

Rube Goldberg Machines and the Engineering Design Process
Rube Goldberg machines provide a low-stake entry point for kids into the engineering design process.

Kindergarteners Are Born Engineers
Tom discovers that kindergarteners are innately attuned to the engineering process.

Prepare for NGSS: Immerse Yourself in Authentic Science Research
Learn science from scientists and researchers, Tom advises.

Shifting Your Professional Network Into the 21st Century
Our learning networks can - and should - extend far beyond the walls of our school.

New Science Laureate: How I Found My Passion For Science Education
Tom shares his story - which may surprise you!

Build an Electromagnetic Dropper
Learn how to engage students in building an electromagnet dropper.

Build a Wind Turbine
Learn how to engage students in building a wind turbine.

Build a Shake Table
Learn how to engage students in building a shake table.

Build a Rocket Launcher
Learn how to engage students in building a rocket launcher.

Using Engineering Design in the Classroom
Engage students in an engineering design process.

To the Moon!
Engage in an engineering design challenge of hitting a target with a paper rocket.

Meet the Tch Laureate Bunch
Teaching Channel Laureates define what getting better together means to them.