No Series: Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol

Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol

Lesson Objective: Work individually before working in groups
All Grades / All Subjects / Discussion


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What makes the 1-3-6 process successful?
  2. Why is it valuable to have students work individually before forming groups?
  3. How does working in groups of three prepare students for working in groups of six?


  • Private message to Nadine Simmonds

Exellent strategy! I love it! All students appeared to be actively involved in the learning process and everyone had equal opportunities to participate

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What article or book did the students read in this lesson?
 I would like to use it!

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The reading is chapter 1 of the book 



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  • Private message to Raven Groom
This strategy is awesome. It helps with student comprehension as well as student engagement through discussion. I love the slow progression of the involvement with each student.
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  • Private message to Brittany Rodriguez
I have never seen this strategy before and I think that it is extremely beneficial for students. Forcing students to come up with their own responses first, and then collaborating in a small group to ensure they are on the right track is a good way to check for understanding without cold calling on students and potentially embarrassing them. Then coming together in large groups is important to gain deeper and more thought-provoking understanding. Definitely will be using this in my classroom!
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I notice the value of talk in this video; I wonder how I can set up my classroom quickly (as I float), to make this successful.
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  • Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol Transcript

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    Card: Strategies: Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6

    Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol Transcript

    +++ 00:00:07 +++
    Card: Strategies: Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol.

    Kevin Sevin: The classroom talk is fantastic.
    Student: You're at college, you need motivation. You can't do it by yourself.
    Student: So you put identity first, basically.
    Kevin Sevin: The 1-3-6 Protocol, that reaches every kid where they're at.

    Lower Third: Kevin Sevin
    9th Grade AVID
    Alief Early College High School, Houston, Texas
    Kevin Sevin: So what I'd like for you to do is, I'd like for you to take the eight most important ideas that you read in chapter one, and I want you to list them up here.

    +++ 00:00:32 +++
    Kevin Sevin: 1-3-6 protocol for the Common Instructional Framework is 1, you're working individual, 3, you're working in a group of three and in the 6 is where you get two groups of 3s to combine for a 6. Initially, you have to start off creating the product yourself. Then you get to bring your product to another group, in a small group, and you get to see if you're on the right track or not.
    Kevin Sevin: Let's go ahead and kind of think or share with your table of four or three. Let's go ahead and do that. Discuss that a little bit.

    +++ 00:01:02 +++
    Student: Education's obviously the main one, because that's the whole point of college. But aside from that, you could get a better lifestyle, you could get more money, you could support others.
    Student: Your past also shapes what you're going to become in the future. So what you've been through actually makes you want to do something for the future.
    Student: Your background gives you strength.
    Kevin Sevin: We just 1-3 and we're going to do the 6 now.

    +++ 00:01:28 +++
    Kevin Sevin: And in the 6 is where you get two groups of 3s to combine for a 6. You are going to get on the right track. You are going to take things deeper.
    Student: But aren't your goals and your motivation the same thing? Because you're being motivated by your goals to do?
    Student: Well, you've got to be motivated by family members. They could push you to succeed and go further in life.
    Student: That also goes with guidance.
    Student: So for the first one, we did this quote and it says, "God provides food for the birds, but he doesn't throw it in the nest." That's kind of like saying, you reap what you sow.

    +++ 00:02:04 +++
    Kevin Sevin: What I find is, actually, they end up gaining more confidence in themselves because the kids get to own their own classroom.
    Student: So if you don't believe in yourself, then you can't accomplish anything in life. So determination is a key point to be successful.

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Alief Early College High School
2811 Hayes Road
Houston TX 77082
Population: 432

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