Series Algebra Team: Algebra Team: Teacher Collaboration

Algebra Team: Teacher Collaboration

Lesson Objective: Collaborate to create equitable, rigorous classrooms
Grade 8 / Math / Collaboration
26 MIN


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What does Ms. Warburton mean when she says confusion leads to learning?
  2. How does Ms. Jones build confidence in her students by requiring them to discuss mathematics?
  3. What commonalities in these classrooms contribute to a consistent learning experience for all students?


  • Private message to Tamra King
Excellent intro to this concept of collaborating on lesson plans without giving up your personal style as a teacher
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  • Private message to Nzinga Green
So making that sign!!!!!!
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  • Private message to Rodney Wells
The practice of team collaboration is not something that is new to me. I work in a district that supports provides time to participate in professional learning communities (90 min. late start every Friday). I watched this video to reflect on how my team takes advantage of this time. It amazes me how so very closely aligned we are with what the two are doing. One difference is that we have mandated common assessments for each unit, so we do not plan summative assessments. One other interesting note - I MIRROR Ms. Warburton in that my classroom is very structured. I always wondered if the different personality types made a difference in student learning. As these two proved, it does not. Learning is directly tied to the level of expectation by each teacher. Both have the same rigorous level of expectation.
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  • Private message to Alison Nye
I wonder how much time each week they spend together preparing for these lessons? The payoff is fabulous, and because you curriculum is so closely aligned, you could even do friendly competitions betweens classes. Thank you for sharing your classrooms with us.
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  • Private message to Veronica Freimuth
I really like the video because explains in detail the effectiveness of teaching as a team. It is more important to really dig deep into the student to know if they are grasping the concept of the probelms. The most important thing is the student is really learning through themselves and they will develop their style.
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