Series David Olio: Case Study of a Teacher: Encouraging Appreciation

Encouraging Appreciation

Lesson Objective: Encourage students to appreciate each other
All Grades / All Subjects / Culture


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does Mr. Olio model appreciation?
  2. Why is it helpful to read some of the note cards aloud?
  3. What can you learn from Mr. Olio about encouraging appreciation?


  • Private message to Jeremy Dixon
Teaching/ encouraging appreciation is very important. It helps students to feel good about themselves and the work they are doing. Showing appreciation in groups as well as individual helps with self-esteem as well.
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  • Private message to Dana Huekell
Mr. Olio believes that we all need to be grateful for what we have. I like the way he expresses his appreciation of student work and ideas. He is a wonderful role model for us.
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  • Private message to Ayda Patricia Segura
That is so important to recognize students, to model it and on top motivate them to do the same with their peers. Building empathy!
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  • Private message to Karen Trontz
I find his strategy of showing appreciation for student's thoughts and work to be a very beneficial strategy. I like his idea of having students write on index cards how a classmate helped him or her in their learning that day. I feel positive feedback goes a long way!
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  • Private message to Sophia Linnell
I would like to thank you, Mr. Olio, for your inspiring videos! I love the way you speak to your students; with every word, it is obvious you value them and their ideas. In your teaching, you are giving your students the tools to understand literature and incorporate the lessons learned into their own lives! Your students will remember you and what they learned in your class long after they graduate.
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  • Encouraging Appreciation Transcript

    Teacher [class]: When I hear someone say something that really rocks my world, I usually say "thanks."

    Teacher [interview]:

    Encouraging Appreciation Transcript

    Teacher [class]: When I hear someone say something that really rocks my world, I usually say "thanks."

    Teacher [interview]: As a learning environment, to be grateful for what we have is a very important to recognize for students.

    Teacher [class]: Say, "wow! You never thought of it that way." "That's a great idea. I wonder how we could move that even further." So, I think appreciating other people's work is also a strategy that you can use.


    Teacher [interview]: I frequently hand note cards to students and ask them to think about a specific moment that someone helped their learning and to write that specific moment on the card. You can either have students share that in the group or you may collect the cards and choose several that you think are especially warm.

    Teacher [class]: Hallie appreciated Danny for noting how they kept asking rhetorical questions. "It made me think about that."

    Teacher [interview]: By hearing what other people appreciate of other students, teachers also get a better assessment of where students are. In addition to that, it's very important for teachers to recognize what students bring to the classroom and so any time I get an opportunity to show appreciation for students work, I think it's highly valuable.

    Teacher [class]: Oh, you are tremendous!

    Teacher [interview]: Appreciations are part of building a learning environment that makes students feel safe, comfortable in taking risks. At its core, it values what students think and what they do.

    Teacher [class]: Very good, I think that's a super point.

    Teacher [interview]: So we practice that as both individuals within groups and also sharing and celebrating that as large groups.



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