No Series: Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

Lesson Objective: Communicate and reinforce expectations
Pre-K / All Subjects / Culture


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What three expectations does Ms. Hawkins have for her students?
  2. Why is it helpful to use positive descriptive acknowledgement?
  3. How does Ms. Hawkins describe the reasoning behind her expectations?


  • Private message to Tiffany Baltazar

1.The three expectations that Ms. Hawkins have for her students are:  that everyone is safe, healthy and respectful.

2. It's helpful to use positive descriptive acknowledgement because it's a great model for the students and it teaches them how to postive toward each other.

3.Ms. Hawkins describe the reasoning behind her expectations are to provide a postive classroom environment and hold students accountable for their actions.

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  • Private message to Youna Kim

The three expectations Ms. Hawkins created are being safe and healthy, friendly, and respectful. It is helpful to use positive descriptive acknowledgment because it teaches students that they are doing the right thing while making it a habit. Ms. Hawkins states that using her expectations creates a productive class. 

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  • Private message to Renee Mukes

Ms. Hawkins says "Say what you wan the childern to do." She talks about being respectful, friendly and healthy. By speaking this way her students know what is expected of them, this is evident because she said the students speak about it as well. 

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  • Private message to Martha Pitts

1. The 3 expectations that Ms. Hawkins has for her classroom is that everyone is safe and healthy, and friendly and respectful. 
2. It is helpful to use positive descptive acknowledgment because it helps the students know exactly what they are doing correctly, and it also makes them feel good about their positive behavior and makes them want to continue positive behavior. 
3. Ms. Hawkins describes the reasoning behind her expectations by wanting a happy and productive classroom.

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  • Private message to Paula Pleasant

Paula Pleasant

The expectations for Ms. Hawkins room are only three; that everyone is safe and healthy, people are nice and they are respectful.

2. Ms. Hawkins using positive descriptives so that what is emphasized is positive instead of negative. Instead of saying don't be mean her class says " we are nice " emphazise the behavior you want in a positive way.


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  • Classroom Expectations Transcript

    Male Voice 1: I found two yellows.

    Interviewee: Oh, I'm so happy you're helping. I'm very proud of you

    Classroom Expectations Transcript

    Male Voice 1: I found two yellows.

    Interviewee: Oh, I'm so happy you're helping. I'm very proud of you when you help your friends. That's very friendly.

    You see our expectations pictures? I moved them over here.

    The expectations we have in our classroom, we have three expectations. That we're safe and healthy, we are friendly, and we are respectful. We use visuals and put them up and have them represented in the classroom and the kids will talk about them and point to them and go to them. That way, you're not constantly setting limits or talking about rules.

    Let's put these back, honey. We wanna use these things respectfully, right? You just take the things that you need.

    Male Voice 2: I want the circle.

    Interviewee: We always say say what you want children to do, and not what you don't want them to do. Teachers use positive descriptive acknowledgment, which is giving a positive description of what you see that reinforces the expectations you have in the classroom.

    You gonna put the top on? Thank you. That is really respectful, Roman. When you take care of your things, then the next person can use them.

    Female Voice: Guess—

    Interviewee: Oh. Thank you, Jordan. Jordan shares her things. That's very friendly, Jordan. You like to make sure everybody has what they need.

    These are beyond rules. They're ways of being together and having fun together. If we can all meet these expectations together, then we can have a productive classroom. We can all be happy together.

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Jennifer Hawkins
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