Series: Body Language

Body Language: Lesson Starters
Lesson Objective: Use body language to hook students into your lesson
All Grades / Behavior / Class Culture


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Thought starters

  1. Is your body language helping or hurting you get your class off to a good start?
  2. How?
  3. Why does the teacher "crowd the door" as students file in for class?
  4. How does the teacher use her gaze and overall affect to manage the classroom?
Every teacher has their own method of teaching students. But if the teacher wants to be a professional one, he should pay attention to the body language and gestures. From my point of view the body language is one of the essential keys of conducting a class. During the lesson the attitude through which the teacher exposes himself can definitely influence the interrelation between students. As I am a future teacher,I looked for videos about rules of behaving during the teaching process. And I found this video very helpful for my prospective career. I like the way of holding the lesson used by Rachel especially her interaction with thestudents. I hope I will use this techniques during my classes, in order to achieve success and improve students' skills
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It is known that effective usage of body language by the teacher helps to establish a good relationship between teacher and students. Through the gestures, mime teacher is able to dictate her presence. When it comes to video, I agree with that part where Cris Caswell talked about the personal space. As a student, I will also appreciate personal space, especially in such an area as hallway, because it is one of the places where students can relax and feel a little distracted of their lessons. But the whole process of conducting the lesson was rather preferable. I think each teacher should use body language in order to make his lessons more productive and to earn the trust of the students. In future I hope I will also be able to find a good usage for such skills and techniques. Thank you for the cognitive video.
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I suppose that using body language is an essential part of conducting a lesson. It's beneficial to use various poses, gestures and mime in order to attract students' attention, show your confidence, give directions or explain a new theme. I mentioned that almost all proficient teachers use body language to communicate with students, build relationships with them and make them feel safe and supported. I really liked the way Rachel greeted her students. In my opinion, it creates a friendly atmosphere in the classroom and students feel themselves less nervous. I'll definitely use this way of starting a lesson in my future career. I also consider that standing in front of your students avoiding barriers is useful to show your confidence and readiness for contact and questions. By using body language and smile you will show students your desire to create a supportive and productive learning environment. Thank you very much for this video. I believe that it will be useful for many teachers.
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I am a total fan of Rachels way of teaching!! I totally agree with teaching with body language, smiles and facial gestures! It works, I think this is a way of quickly bonding with your students.
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Hmmm, I must agree with the student's sense of discomfort by her proximity. But it is a good strategy to try for the students who might want to test the boundries. I myself do gaze across the room or groups to make sure that everyone is following the directions, I also look for those who still might not have a good grasp on the concept. This way I can speak to them and clarify without disrupting the onward movement of the class,
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  • Summary

    A short demonstration about how body language or non-verbal communication can be used right from the beginning of a lesson


    A short demonstration about how body language or non-verbal communication can be used right from the beginning of a lesson to help manage and settle a class.
    The start of a PHSE lesson is observed and reviewed by Chris Caswell, at Myton School in Warwick, who's studied and written about body language.
    He highlights how standing in the doorway, forcing pupils to enter the room in single file improves behaviour and reduces any tension that may have built up outside.
    After taking the register, the teacher moves away from her desk to demonstrate there is no barrier between her and the class.


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