Series Common Sense Media: Modeling: The Digital Demo

Modeling: The Digital Demo

Lesson Objective: Demonstrate how to use technology
All Grades / All Subjects / Expectations


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does modeling affect student performance?
  2. What is unique about modeling how to use digital tools?
  3. How can you balance modeling and encouraging creativity?


Private message to Kourtney Wynn
Thank you. This is perfect for my middle school students. I've been thinking about more ways to incorporate technology lessons.
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Private message to Anita Alston
Great job modeling before you required them to perform the task! I'm not an art teacher, but I know that you can't take for granted that all students are familiar and comfortable with technology.
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Private message to India Burns
Not many art teachers here??? I think it would be a an engaging activity in an art class. Especially for students that have disabilities and are unable to use traditional drawing tools.
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Private message to ashab aseed
good example
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Private message to Crystal Chew
Were you using software or a website. Either way where can I find it?
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  • Modeling: The Digital Demo Transcript
    Common Sense Media

    Strategies: Modeling: the Digital Demo

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    I’m a huge fan of modeling.

    Modeling: The Digital Demo Transcript
    Common Sense Media

    Strategies: Modeling: the Digital Demo

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    I’m a huge fan of modeling. I model almost everything- even if it’s a task that we’ve done, because I want the students to see how it’s done, and how I can demonstrate it before I turn them loose.

    (Sam Pane in Class)
    Now remember that a Super Hero is a person who always uses his or her great powers to help people out.

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    Today’s lesson is going to be about how to be a good digital citizen. And we will build a Super Hero to help us navigate the treacherous waters of being online.

    (Sam Pane in Class)
    I’m gonna build one of them up, and I’m gonna show you what I’m going to do with each one of them. So it starts off and you get to choose your base character. It’s basically just like the shell of your Super Hero. I’m gonna pick this one in the middle. I think they actually modeled that on me! And so there I am.

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    Just so they’re able to get into it effectively, and so there’s not an unfamiliarity with it. I want them to be able to step right into it and say okay, I’ve seen somebody do this before. Now it’s my turn to show whether I not I understand it.

    (Sam Pane in Class)
    The beauty of it is, I can do a lot of changes. I’m just gonna model one little part, and then I’ll take care of it. I’m gonna start by clicking on the eyes. And I’ve got a lot of eye choices there. You know I can with those eyes, or I’ve got eyes that look like that. But the ones that I love, are the bug eyes! I’m going to go with the bug eyes right there.

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    I think it makes them significantly more comfortable, because like I said they’ve already seen what it is that they’re doing.

    (Sam Pane in Class)
    I’m going with that mouth there. And I definitely want my guy to have some sort of beard. Uh, I like this one. Give him a little chinny action. (laughter). You wanna build up your character?


    (Sam Pane in Class)
    Go to it

    (Sam Pane Interview)
    But, there’s also that I want to get them work effectively on it. It’s not just play time after I’ve modeled, it’s work time.

    Ooh that’s cute! I’m gonna keep that!

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