Series Asia Society Deeper Learning: Student Profile: Senior Presentation

Student Profile: Senior Presentation

Lesson Objective: Use deeper learning to transform the high school experience
Grades 9-12 / All Subjects / Assessment


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What is the purpose of having students tell stories?
  2. What role does reflection play in deeper learning?
  3. What is some evidence of the role human relationships have had on Edwina’s academic life?


  • Private message to Paige Eisen
The elation of the student receiving her degree with honors was a moment all teachers want for their students, I really liked the open-ended aspect of this project, which allows for students to be as creative as they wish. Just as we as teachers need to reflect on ourselves and our practices, this is an excellent concept for students to reflect on their experiences throughout high school, both the success and the challenges, before they move on to their next step in life. Many times when students are asked to reflect on something, it sometimes can be superficial; clearly for this student that was not the case. Her reactions, conversations with her peers, and reflections were tangible, relevant, and genuine, which is an excellent self searching to complete before you move on to the "real world". It's clear that this young lady's experience in Kenya through this project based learning has changed her in more ways than one, from the way she felt about herself to the ways her peers viewed her. She learned many things about herself, including how to cope with stressors in life, which is a necessary skill of adult life. Another excellent aspect of this project was the way in which the teacher had the students use rubrics in order to have a constructive discussion about the presentation and in order to give their peer feedback. In terms of implementing something similar into my own practice, I hope to continue asking students to reflect on their assignments in a tangible way. Furthermore, I may consider asking the students to reflect on their weakness and success of their academic year, and add it as a piece to their final portfolios.
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  • Private message to P. Johnson
AWESOME! The students, the purpose of Senior Presentations, learning experiences, reflection.....AWESOME!!! This should be required of Seniors everywhere!
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  • Private message to Michelle Jennings
Congratulations to this young lady, what a wonderful experience at a high school level to have traveled to Africa. Great self discovery as well. Thank you for sharing her story.
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  • Student Profile: Senior Presentation Transcript

    +++ 00:00:04 +++
    Card: Edwina, a deeper learner from: Asia Society

    Gerardo:Just sit back and enjoy what

    Student Profile: Senior Presentation Transcript

    +++ 00:00:04 +++
    Card: Edwina, a deeper learner from: Asia Society

    Gerardo:Just sit back and enjoy what she has to say, so Edwina! (applause)
    Lower Third:
    Senior Presentation
    Edwina: My senior presentation, which is a tradition within our school that you're getting to tell your story, and just like your journey throughout your high school years. And then you do a presentation during your senior year where you just kind of like discuss that, and you get to be creative with it.
    Lower Third:
    12th Grade Student
    Denver Center for International Studies

    +++ 00:00:32 +++
    Edwina: A lot of people's first impression of me is that I'm either scary, I'm angry, or that I am crazy! And I kind of wanted to take the thing that decided that people decided to go ahead and define me with themself and use it to my advantage. So.
    Lower Third:
    Brandon Wiley
    Executive Director,
    International Studies Schools Network
    Asia Society
    Brandon Wiley: I think Edwina's final senior presentation was a masterful example of deeper learning. Her entire presentation was trying to help to think about how she could communicate to the audience how she had grown, what she had learned. There's some critical thinking involved where she had to make tough choices about thinking about her whole high school career. What are the different things that she had done that demonstrated her success?

    +++ 00:01:08 +++
    Edwina: The class that released it out to me was definitely Civics, and that was because we did the Project Citizen, and we were actually one of the groups who got to go to the Capital and present.
    •Intro to Literature and Composition X
    •Earth Science X
    •Algebra 1
    •Civics (project citizen)
    •Spanish 1
    Edwina: And so, I was really proud of that accomplishment, especially just for that being my freshman year.
    Edwina: They kind of like give you free reign with it. You get to kind of make your own structure while following the set domains that they'll give you, which are Take Action, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Ideas and Investigate the World.
    Take Action
    Recognize Perspectives
    Communicate Ideas
    Investigate the World

    +++ 00:01:38 +++
    Edwina: In between the end of my sophomore year and the beginning of my junior year, in the summer, I went to Kenya for three-and-a-half weeks.
    •(Take action)
    •Best unplanned decision I ever made
    •Life changing
    •Plane seats home, a little different this time
    •I don't want to come home!

    Edwina: And I had the best time of my life. And I really got to see the people and the country for what they were. It definitely changed my life, and it moved me in a way, because I learned so many things about myself. I learned how much I value human relationships and connections. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about Kenya, and that I don't wish that I was back there.

    +++ 00:02:11 +++
    Edwina: My experience in Kenya definitely changed the way that I think. I'm always looking deeper, and I'm always looking for like the root of what everything really is, and so I really found that that has just kind of made my life a lot more interesting, because I see things beyond the surface now.
    4. Recognize Stress
    •Respond rather than automatically reacting to anger/stress triggers, learn how to effectively communicate your needs, feelings, and requests.
    •Expression of writing as an outlet
    •It's mostly in your head, breathe and calm down
    •Dancing and losing myself in music.
    Edwina: The anger control tool that I really learned this year was Recognize Stress. I learned that I need to respond rather than react. So I found that what really helped me with that was writing.

    +++ 00:02:41 +++
    Brandon Wiley: Each student in the school is assigned an advisor, a mentor/teacher. And that teacher works with them to think about reflectively what they have accomplished over the life of their time at the school. That they're collecting work, artifacts, that demonstrate the learning and growth over time. And they're getting feedback from committee members about the other things that they should be thinking about. The whole process is governed by a rubric, and that the rubric helps guide their learning and guide what they're going to present. And that rubric is then what's used to give them feedback at the end of their presentation.
    Edwina's Committee Deliberation

    +++ 00:03:13 +++
    Teacher: And I think she did it. I think she was able to be real and say, "I've been through some hard stuff," but at the same time, you know, being hopeful and showing how you can work through those things. Is that everything or is that...

    Student: Investigate the World and Recognize Perspectives are the two.
    Brandon Wiley: I think this process helps mold or guide them in their process of becoming self-reliant learners that know about themselves, but also base it on rigorous academics. You know, they obviously have to know their content to be able to talk about it publicly.

    +++ 00:03:41 +++
    Teacher: I want to talk about your ability to recognize perspectives. And I think the thing that really stood out to me was the empathy that you demonstrate for others.
    Edwina: I'm thinking that I might go into human services and become a child advocate. My passion is to help people, and I also really love children, so I think that that's a perfect combination for me to do.

    +++ 00:04:04 +++
    Teacher: When I first saw you, you were just fierce. And it was getting in the way of your intelligence. But by senior year, you know, you were fighting to do National Honors Society, and get great grades. And fiercely intelligent people are the change agents in our world. And I think you presented that today.
    Edwina: I think that my presentation was very successful, because it was me.
    Teacher: Not only will you receive your DCIS diploma, you will receive Honors as well. Congratulations!
    Edwina: Yes!

    #### End of edwina_asia_profile

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