Series Success at the Core: Using Data Effectively: Data Walls

Data Walls

Lesson Objective: Use data walls to differentiate instruction
All Grades / All Subjects / Data Use


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does the leadership team support teachers' use of data walls?
  2. What do you think about using data walls as a strategy for improving instruction?
  3. According to the principal, why do data walls work?


  • Private message to William Voelkerding

I am not sure how I feel about these data walls. Right off the bat I see a FERPA violation as having that level information posted public in the classroom takes away from the privacy of the student. I also see the laborious task of moving cards up and down. However I think this system is great if you could digitally automate it using AI and machine learning. Having students work on a computer program that tracks thier progross and creates a data wall for the teacher would be very beneficial also if only the teacher and student can log in and view it would help maintain privacy.

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  • Private message to Nikki Meredith

This year we are starting data walls.  We have worked closely with data this past yesar, but I believe that having the visual so that all can see the students and their movement will make a difference.  It makes a bigger impact to see that these students have been moving up, down, or staying stagnent.  Students with similar needs can also be clustered together to implement needed intervention.

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  • Private message to cheryl campbell

I think data walls are great for collaboration. The team could bounce ideas off of each other. I also like that it is not a chart on paper and that itis tangible and you can hold the card and move students' card to see how thay are moving up or down. This will help drive instruction. I also like that involves the coaches and the coaches could help with ideas.

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  • Private message to Samantha Siquig

I wish my school did something like this. The data wall seems so helpful. Teachers are not only working with fellow teachers but with coaches and adiministrators. This is great for new teachers who need extra support when trying to figure out where a child falls short and what strategies they can use.

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  • Private message to Mary Chavers

Data walls are extremely helpful.  It allows the teacher and leadership teams to look at the data and find trends or areas of weaknesses.  Based on the data teachers can plan their lessons and strategically group students based on their needs.  It is a easy way to track the data and very user friendly.  The data is right there.  Not on a piece of paper that can be lost or put away.  It makes teacher accountable.  It makes teachers truly differentiate their instruction, because they know their students' needs.  It allows for authentic converstaions about the students and how best to help them.  Teams can brainstorm together and provide the best learning environment possible to meet the students' needs.  The data walls work because the teachers know the data and work together. No child is left behind. 

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School Details

Shaw Middle School
4106 North Cook Street
Spokane WA 99207
Population: 584

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Mark Egger
Christine Lynch
DeLynn Hughes


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