No Series: Empathy & Community

Empathy & Community

Lesson Objective: Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy
All Grades / All Subjects / Culture


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Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy.

Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What immediate takeaways do you have for your own practice?
  2. What is one thing that you/we can adapt to be a more culturally responsive learning environment?


  • Private message to latourica lewis

One thing that I was able to take away was that each child was willing to open up with one another and were also willing to help one another because of the inclusive atmosphere that they have created. I like that the teachers allow the students to be themselves and building that security in themselves by making the students aware of their differences between them and the other children without having a negative response or reaction towards each other. Thus allowing the kids to have a sense of identity in the education system at an early age which is what we want the kids to have through out the educational career.

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  • Private message to Tammy Kiara

I could get the video to play advertisements kept popping up.

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  • Private message to Lauren Mullens

 1. I really like that empathy is so emphasized throughout this school because it is important to help build a community that kids are not afraid to come to. It is beautiful to see the diversity implemented and embraced.

 2. I think every teacher could come up with a lesson in some form or fashion that brings their classrooms together to build a stronger student community.

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  • Private message to Ryan Cantrell

The inclusion of two languages shows how inclusive the environment is. One guy talks about how the kids know that no matter their intellectual or physical abilities, they are welcomed. Learnign about other backgrounds can help the environment be more culturally responsive.

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  • Private message to Shay Centilli

I like that in this school they have the English and Spanish blocks and even if they are ESL or English learners they get to be able to be knowledgable in 2 languages. Also, I love how they included everyone in their assignments even the little disable boy, and how the students were expected to interact with him and show him the same amount of love and communication as anyone in the class. Truly a great school!!

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School Details

Castle Bridge School
560 West 169th Street
New York NY 10032
Population: 195

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Webinar / Engagement / Distance Learning

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Structure, Lesson Planning, Student Engagement

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Modeling, Discourse, Discussion

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Classroom Management, Routines


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