No Series: Empathy & Community

Empathy & Community

Lesson Objective: Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy
All Grades / All Subjects / Culture
11 MIN


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Learn ways to foster learning in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and empathy.

Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What immediate takeaways do you have for your own practice?
  2. What is one thing that you/we can adapt to be a more culturally responsive learning environment?


  • Private message to Christian Collard

Wow just wow,  the level of  leadership and unity displayed throughout this video by not only the staff but the studnets is  breathtaking. Having those connections being made and the diveristy in it all, shows how connected and intentional they want to be in learning about different events going on not just in their country but others. I want to be that way, when people walk in they see the different dinamics of everyone in the classroom and their willingness to understand along with develop those attributes. I would love to add more diverse pieces into the learnign invironment. 

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  • Private message to Tiffany Baltazar


  1. The immediate takeaways  in my practice is a District program call SEL, which stands for Social Emotional Learning, that teaches different lesson to all diversity in the school.
  2.  One thing that I can adapt to be a more culturally responsive learning environment is to be acceptance to all cultural and diverse learning.
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  • Private message to Youna Kim

The immediate takeaways relate to the dual language that was incorporated in different classes. Some posters and lessons encouraged diversity and different cultural elements. To be more culturally responsive, students should be encouraged to be openminded, express their thoughts, and to be aware of different cultures.

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  • Private message to Rachel Battistella

I am blown away by how they include absolutely everyone. Their inclusion plan is spot on! The dedication of the teachers and leadership takes my breath away. This is what our schools need.

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  • Private message to Renee Mukes

I love the inclusion in the classrooms including making sure students with disabilities (the young man in the wheelchair). The classrooms seem to be more student guided than teacher guided. Even though the schools are segragated the teachers try to be cultrally aware by bringing diverisity into their classrooms. I would love to have more oppertunties for more diverse learning and not just during specific hoildays. I can deliberately plan for diverse oppertunities in my classroom and in lesson planning.

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School Details

Castle Bridge School
560 West 169th Street
New York NY 10032
Population: 214

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Lesson Idea
26 min

Grade 1/ ELA/ Reading