No Series: My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track

My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track

Lesson Objective: Redirect student behavior with a "teacher look"
All Grades / All Subjects / Behavior


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How do students learn the importance of a "teacher look"?
  2. When would be effective times to use this strategy?
  3. Why does Ms. Noonan say that every teacher needs to have a "teacher look"?


  • Private message to Mackenzie Farrell

Students learn the importance of a teacher look because in the moment it's a non-verbal communcation between the teacher and the student. It's important to have a teacher look so that way the teacher isn't constantly addressing unwanted behavior infront of the whole class. Giving the teacher look to a student provides them another opportunity to make a better choice.

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  • Private message to Julie Davis

Students have been getting the "teacher look" from probably every teacher they have ever had, they know it is a gentle nudge to get them back on track.  I think it's important to have one to keep distractions in the classroom as minimal as possible and it shows respect for the child and allows them choice to get back on task without other interaction from the teacher.

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  • Private message to Karley Womax

The teacher look is important because you want the student to know that they need to redirect their behavior and you are giving them a chance. Students learn the importance of this look because they need to know that they have another chance to make a better choice but they were given a warning. An effective time to use this strategy is when a student needs a reminder of the expectations. They suggest that every teacher has this look to provide a quick and easy warning signal. 

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  • Private message to Anina Byerly

Definitely understand the teacher look. It is very similar to a "Mom Look". By using this method, correction in behavior can made without getting to a public call out. I know I've received this look before 

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  • Private message to Synthia Williamson

Interesting how looking at a student in a certain 2way can facilitate more focus and on-task time.

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  • My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track Transcript

    My teacher look.
    All teachers need a teacher look.
    When students are

    My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track Transcript

    My teacher look.
    All teachers need a teacher look.
    When students are not meeting expectations, I try to take into account what they need, and the best way in which to redirect them. So, for a lot of my students, calling them out publicly is not always the best way to redirect them. In fact, it can often set them off in a tailspin. So... At this point in the year, students are pretty familiar with what my teacher look looks like.
    And they know, that it’s a precursor if behavior doesn't change, to a public callout. And so it sort of gives them the respect of, I'm giving you a chance to get back in line right now. And, its private, its between you and I. But, it won't be if this continues 5 minutes from now. So, I think its a way of actually honoring and respecting students in what they need, while still redirecting them so their focus is on learning.

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Grade 1/ ELA/ Reading