No Series: My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track

My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track

Lesson Objective: Redirect student behavior with a "teacher look"
All Grades / All Subjects / Behavior


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How do students learn the importance of a "teacher look"?
  2. When would be effective times to use this strategy?
  3. Why does Ms. Noonan say that every teacher needs to have a "teacher look"?


  • Private message to Synthia Williamson

Interesting how looking at a student in a certain 2way can facilitate more focus and on-task time.

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  • Private message to Clase Metales Graves
Definitely, it is a nice idea developing the "My Teacher Look": it is easy, respectful and, more important, it establishes a human connection! Once more, we can conclude, "less is more"
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  • Private message to Myeisha Streeter
The "My Teacher Look" is a very good idea for the students and teachers. I think all teachers should have one to help their students to get back on track if they lose focus on what is going on in the classroom.
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  • Private message to Jeremy Dixon
I liked that the teacher had a look that was private and respectful. It was between her and the student. I think students will respect you more if you treat them with respect.
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  • Private message to Helene Previl
teaching is a very challenging job
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  • My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track Transcript

    My teacher look.
    All teachers need a teacher look.
    When students are

    My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track Transcript

    My teacher look.
    All teachers need a teacher look.
    When students are not meeting expectations, I try to take into account what they need, and the best way in which to redirect them. So, for a lot of my students, calling them out publicly is not always the best way to redirect them. In fact, it can often set them off in a tailspin. So... At this point in the year, students are pretty familiar with what my teacher look looks like.
    And they know, that it’s a precursor if behavior doesn't change, to a public callout. And so it sort of gives them the respect of, I'm giving you a chance to get back in line right now. And, its private, its between you and I. But, it won't be if this continues 5 minutes from now. So, I think its a way of actually honoring and respecting students in what they need, while still redirecting them so their focus is on learning.

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