Series NEA: Practice, Planning & Collaboration Around the Common Core: Get Back to Me

Get Back to Me

Lesson Objective: Give students time to think about their response to questions
All Grades / All Subjects / Participation


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does Ms. Ugalde use wait time?
  2. What makes this strategy effective?
  3. How does this strategy impact class culture?


  • Private message to Rachel Thomson
  1. How does Ms. Ugalde use wait time? Ms. Ugalde used wait time by stating “love, love, love” in her head. If the students do not answer in that amount of time, she would ask, “Do you need time think?”
  2. What makes this strategy effective? Using wait time is an effective strategy because not every student is ready to have an immediate answer. Each student processes information at a different pace and may need that additional time to develop an answer.
  3. How does this strategy impact class culture? This strategy impacts class culture in a positive way. Students should be able to answer questions effectively without any type of negative pressure. It provides a positive learning environment.
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  • Private message to Vrushali Patil

It's very interesting.  Utilizing the wait time to motivate the child to answer. We have to give time to think . All are not quick learners so they require time to understand .

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  • Private message to Kiersten Arnold
I think we often forget about the importance of contemplation in teaching, this is wonderful!
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  • Private message to Carrick Robertson
Very important to give child time to think
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  • Private message to George Shenouda
This is a great dialogue between the teacher and the students and give the the students the chance and time to answer and shairing for the teacher question
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  • Strategy: Get back To Me Transcript
    Teacher: Tita Galde

    Teacher [in class]: What are we talking about today? Who remembers?

    Strategy: Get back To Me Transcript
    Teacher: Tita Galde

    Teacher [in class]: What are we talking about today? Who remembers? Use your genius brain.

    Teacher [in interview]: When we ask questions - all the teachers - sometimes, there's that student that just isn't ready to answer.

    Student: Um, the... the... the...

    +++ 00:00:31.19 +++

    Teacher [in interview]: So in my mind, sometimes I'll say, "ok." Love love love love love. Give them that amount of time for wait time. And then, if they still can't answer, I'll say, "would you like me to get back to you?"

    Student: You should get back to me.

    Teacher [in class]: I will get back to you...

    Teacher [in interview]: Giving wait time is very important because not everybody can answer on their feet.

    Teacher [in class]: I'm back to you, Louis, Are you ready?

    Student: The one that has the green - I forgot what it is called.

    Teacher [in interview]: And when we give our students an opportunity to go back and to give you an answer then it only makes them feel that much more confident in answering questions in the future.

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Amanecer Primary Center
832 South Eastman Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90023
Population: 181

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Tita Ugalde


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