Series Success at the Core: Common Formative Assessments: Guiding Instruction through CFAs

Guiding Instruction through CFAs

Lesson Objective: Use common formative assessments to improve instruction
All Grades / All Subjects / Data Use
10 MIN


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How do math teachers at this school use common formative assessments?
  2. What does the school principal cite as the benefits of common formative assessments?
  3. What process to teachers use to customize textbook assessments for their students?


  • Private message to Kemberle Brown-Jones
Great video.
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  • Private message to April Becherer
I really liked the chart they were using to discuss the assessments. Does anyone have a good one their school likes?
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  • Private message to shanti kessler
valuable video to show PLC at work in developing common assessments, reviewing and planning based on the outcome, and designing new ways to reteach a concept. Also the example of how to share with students the collegian planning that resulted in the reteaching lesson makes it clear to students that their teachers are committed and relentless in their learning. Thank you for this video!! plan to use it in PD for staff.
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  • Private message to Lupe Leija
I took many ideas away from this video. Teachers NEED to plan together to get the most out of their teaching. Building CFA's together doesn't have to be overbearing as so many of us think if we put our ideas together and base it off of what we see is a need in our classroom. Empowering!
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  • Private message to Schandra Rodriguez-Conti
The video offered a practical academic view upon both the "what" and the "how." Rarely, are the instructional and learning strategies merged. I am excited to observe that the reformation for education has not isolated the two strategies. Recognizing what we do - while instructing and recognizing how cognitively our students engage, has become primary.
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School Details

Wilson Middle School
902 South 44th Avenue
Yakima WA 98908
Population: 818

Data Provided By:



Barbara Cleveland
Lynn May
April Adkison
Ernesto Araiza


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