Series: Success at the Core: Authentic Assessment

Guided Groups
Lesson Objective: Assess conceptual understanding and receive different kinds of instructional support
Grade 7 / English Language Arts / Assessment


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Thought starters

  1. How does the teacher specifically address the learning needs of each group?
  2. How does the teacher encourage students to accurately assess their understanding?
  3. What impact does formative assessment have on instruction in this class?

The teacher had the students assess themselves by asking them how they felt about the lesson. She grouped them according to their self-assessment and then she is able to give them the extra support they need. This also helps her to assess herself and the effectviness of her original lesson.

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The concept of understanding having an A,B, method is really good for students. Formative assessment gathers the most basic understanding for the students as well as the teachers who are involved. 

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This is brilliant. I love this! I am hoping to try this with two of my cohorts on Monday. 

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So, have you tried it on, how is it working in your classroom? 

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Yes, it's definitely the most efficient strategy I have implemented this year. At first students who would select B or A were hesitant to join the huddle in the back of the room, but once they felt comfortable and safe, they loved it. I am able to confer with 7-10 students and give them additional support within 2-3 minutes of independent practice. I've also found that most students who do not select C just need a little bit more clarity. 

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Perfect, I am so glad you and your scholars are feeling successful.  That is why we do what we do. It is amazing how quickly conferring can happen, we get to serve so many more in that time.  If you ever have additional questions, please dont hestiate to reach out. 



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I am so glad that you have found this strategy helpful.  Please let me kow how it goes!!!!  Depending on the grade you can change verbiage (A) Aye - I need help, (B) Because I have a question, (C) See ya, I got this.

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Do some children SAY that they're Cs so they can go do something else?  Do some children feel embarrassed about being As and Bs for fear of being teased or bullied?  How do you handle this?  

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They will try at the beginning, but quickly realize this is a tool to help them be their best selves.  Once you create that safe environment, they will feel comfortable with their abilities and seeking out supports.  This also works becuase they are never alone or feel singled out. They enjoy it because it is self assessed, however if you feel they need addtional support, ask them to stay in space or you will identify them during independent work time, with a conversation that follows. 

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The teacher specifically addresses the learning needs of each group by simply asking the children to assess how they feel about what was taught and place a letter, A, B, or C on their paper. Based off of that the teacher knows how to help them accordingly. She encourages them to self reflect on their understanding of the lesson in order to do this. The impact this has is that it is self reflection for all. The teacher is able to see what was lacking in her lesson or where the gaps are. Then she is able to assess how many students understood the lesson, and how many need just a little more to understand. Lastly, she can focus solely on the students that didn't understand at all and help them accordingly.
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Sylvester Middle School
16222 Sylvester Rd Sw
Burien WA 98166
Population: 693

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Shawna Moore


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