Series Guided Reading with Jenna: Guided Reading with Jenna Complete Lesson

Guided Reading with Jenna Complete Lesson

Lesson Objective: Learn how to implement this differentiation system in your class
Grade 5 / ELA / Differentiation


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does Jenna model expectations to prepare students for work stations?
  2. How do students transition among tasks?
  3. Note the importance of practicing expectations to ensure classroom management?


Private message to Annah Ford
Very informative and helpful. Jenna did an excellent job of modeling the skill, strategy, or workstations with her students. I liked the fact that she waited to implement guided reading until students were able to work independently and demonstrated an understanding of the entire guided reading process.
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Private message to Melissa Adkins
Are the work stations set up as a free-choice or do groups rotate through the different work stations? I really liked how you roll out different work stations throughout the year and add more to meet student needs.
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Private message to Jiala Wilson
As she introduced the topic she mentions what guided reading is. GR is a practice where Students are meeting with the teacher where [she] is better able to asses them and meet them educationally where they are as readers. She describes a typical guided reading lesson structure mentioning the two dynamics she has in the room. One group of GR and another group of readers doing Independent reading or in centers. The students doing independent reading or in centers have been explicitly taught independent reading procedures that allow for classroom management to take place while the teachers leads [her] guided reading lesson with a small group. I would implement her techniques for transitions the students into guided reading (the use of the bell/ attention grabber) in my own classroom.
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Private message to Katie Irving
I first element I noticed was that there was a lot of successful independent work going on because she originally took time to explain the procedures and expectations for each area. I liked the idea of each reading group has a different book that matches their reading level, but the other students wouldn't know where their peers are compared to them. They would be more likely think that they are just assigned a different book. I also thought the different activities she did with the group was very specific to each group of learners or "scholars". The final thing I noticed was that she kept a very calm and encouraging tone throughout the guided reading activities. She never needed to raise her voice and there was even a moment when a student corrected her and she praised him for that.
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Private message to TISHA S. Scott
I noticed how she modeled every task she wanted students to do. She also created an anchor chart for students to reference. I really appreciate how she felt that guided reading was important in 5th grade as well as work stations. I noticed that her students knew the expectations and was independent,allowing her to pull groups uninterrupted. Yessica, I agree. I also like the fluency station. Great idea. Yes Mycah, she was able to manage 31 students. That took alot of modeling and practicing. She said that she didn't start groups until they knew for sure that her students were able to work independently. Great video
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Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy
6200 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland CA 94608
Population: 530

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