Series Planning Instruction with PARCC Tools: ELA: Identifying Texts Worth Reading

Identifying Texts Worth Reading

Lesson Objective: Select texts that are worth reading
All Grades / ELA / Planning


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What do you think makes a text worth reading?
  2. What are window texts and mirror texts?
  3. What is useful about reading and discussing texts with other teachers?


  • Private message to Lan Pham

Choosing texts to teach students is an important job as a teacher. The text worth reading depends on the goals or purposes that you want to teach students and the level of students in general. For students' benefits in improving their academic skills, teachers should choose the texts with high quality in organizational structure, vocabulary, coherence and cohesion, educational themes, and well-selected details. In addition, the complexity of the texts should be appropriate to the level of students and not too challenging so that they can participate in the discussion and express their opinions effectively for deep understanding. 

I like to balance texts in terms of window and mirror texts and balance texts written by authors with diverse backgrounds and genders. The window text provides students with a window looking into different people with various life experiences and identities. This kind of text brings students to the world to learn new things with new experiences, broaden their understanding of the world, and give them a new look to the word with a positive perception. Whereas, the mirror text can reflect students' life experiences through the author's point of view, characters, or the content in the text. In general, students need to practice understanding multiple points of view and looking insight into others' experiences to learn and motivate themselves.

I think it is important for the teachers to collaborate, discuss, and share their opinions with one another. This practice will help teachers have a broad perspective and a strong and effective evaluation of the quality and the complexity of the text, which assists students to increase their comprehension while reading as well as enhance their learning performance.

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  • Private message to Delaney Powers

I love the discussion about window and mirror texts, though I think it is important to see the importance of window texts, even if our students can't relate to everything happenning in it, they can still identify with different portions of the text, which is the whole point of a window text. 

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  • Private message to Jeremy Dixon
Reading and understanding what you are reading is very important. Most of the time students read what is in front of them but not relating to what is being read. To read something that is window text is hard due to lack of interest or just not able to relate to the text. Like the lady stated that some words can hinder the process of understanding.
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  • Private message to khalil kammoun
thank you bonnie you were clear and precise
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