No Series: My Favorite No (Uncut)


Common core State Standards

  • Math:  Math
  • Practice:  Mathematical Practice Standards
  • MP6:  Attend to precision.

    Mathematically proficient students try to communicate precisely to others. They try to use clear definitions in discussion with others and in their own reasoning. They state the meaning of the symbols they choose, including using the equal sign consistently and appropriately. They are careful about specifying units of measure, and labeling axes to clarify the correspondence with quantities in a problem. They calculate accurately and efficiently, express numerical answers with a degree of precision appropriate for the problem context. In the elementary grades, students give carefully formulated explanations to each other. By the time they reach high school they have learned to examine claims and make explicit use of definitions.

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My Favorite No (Uncut)

Lesson Objective: This is 40 minutes of authentic teaching, unedited, and without teacher narration.
Grades 6-8 / Algebra / Assessment
41 MIN


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This 41-minute Uncut Classroom footage was used to create:

My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes

What You'll See:

  • Warm up
  • Problem solving
  • Informal assessment
  • Error analysis
  • Reteaching + Simplifying expressions
  • Factoring

Discussion and Supporting Materials


  • Private message to KAGABA Marcel

Her fovorite no has mistake, but also it has many good things in it. The teacher uses mistakes to clarify concepts.

Therefore, if the teacher realise that most students make the same mistake, he/she will change methodes in teaching and take strategies in order to make his/her class more responsive during teaching and learing process.


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  • Private message to April Higgs

I feel the warmup is important review to get the students engaged. She then takes an incorrect answer and discusses it with her students. They discuss the things they did correctly on the equation and then discuss the things that were not done correctly. She does not disclose the student who complete this problem. The teacher is consistently engaging her student throughout the lesson. The teacher not only explains in depth the lesson, she also explains why the answers given by her students are correct. If the students give the incorrect answer she asks the other students why it is incorrect and once they explain she goes back to the student with incorrect answer to see if they can come up with the correct answer. She is always engaging with her students to ensure they understand what they are being taught. To ensure they understand the lesson she passes out a worksheet and walks around checking on every student and encourages them.

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  • Private message to Delilah Aranda

I really like how you start everyday with a warm up. Shows you where students are struggling and review with them when giving you lesson. 

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  • Private message to ALOYSIUS KRISMANTO
Dont't you think, your some of your students were confused between multiplication X symbol and variable x?
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  • Private message to Theresa Winemiller
I used Favorite No with my 3rd grade students. They loved it so much that I had to include periodic Favorite Yes because they would make mistakes on purpose just to have their work shown.
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Martin Luther King Middle School
1781 Rose Street
Berkeley CA 94703
Population: 1027

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Leah Alcala
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