Series Bridging Content & Language: Strategies from a Dual Language Classroom: Parallel Lines: A Speaking & Listening Strategy

Parallel Lines: A Speaking & Listening Strategy

Lesson Objective: Work in pairs to give and receive feedback
All Grades / All Subjects / ELL


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. Why is it important to give students multiple opportunities to give and receive feedback?
  2. Why is this strategy especially useful for English Language Learners?
  3. How does this strategy serve as a formative assessment tool?


  • Private message to Kevin Tiller

Can't help but think how all of this will change due to Covid virus

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  • Private message to Dr. Lynette Bell
This Parallel line activity is an excellent way to have any student to receive peer feedback on a variety of class assignments, homework assignments or assessments. I foresee that this method will work for college freshmen as well.
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  • Private message to Caroline Scott
Wonderful routine. I especially like the 'Glow and Grow' strategy as a guide for the discussions. Nicely demonstrated.
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  • Private message to Mari Font
It's on my to do list as a new strategy to try out for next year !
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  • Private message to Stella Ajike
Awesome idea to use in class! Thank you for sharing!
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  • Parallel Lines: A Speaking & Listening Strategy Transcript

    Speaker 1: Get ready to do your parallel lines.

    Find someone that wasn't your

    Parallel Lines: A Speaking & Listening Strategy Transcript

    Speaker 1: Get ready to do your parallel lines.

    Find someone that wasn't your partner and stand in front of them.

    I started GI using my classroom as called Parallel Lines.

    So open up the inner circle a little bit more.

    This really gives us an opportunity for kids to have multiple opportunities to share and hear the work that they're doing.

    Does everybody have a partner?

    We split the group into two. There's an inner circle and an outer circle where they're facing each other.

    Not only are you sharing your work, but you're also listening very carefully to the way that they wrote or they did their trans-languaging. We're going to tell them one thing we really liked that they did very well, and give them a suggestion on maybe it would sound better if we did it that way, okay? So glow and a grow. Ready? Go.

    Speaker 2: What is your questions on?

    Speaker 3: Oh, yeah. How did the human being in these [inaudible 00:00:58] effect our environment.

    Speaker 4: Humans negatively effect ecosystems.

    Speaker 5: I heard that you said, and here I look at this I think it would sound better if you switch human beings and these amounts. Like you switch them, how do the needs and wants of human beings effect our land?

    Speaker 4: Okay.

    Speaker 6: I really liked how you said it in the order. I think that was one of your goals.

    Speaker 7: This part I feel like this is too small of a sentence, like you can expand it.

    Speaker 8: Okay.

    Speaker 1: Outside circle, take one step to the right. Change faces. You're going to be looking at somebody new. Go.

    After that, one of the circles rotates, so that they're sharing with multiple partners.

    Speaker 9: Some examples of contamination are excess garbage ...

    Speaker 10: Contamination.

    Speaker 9: ... Contamination.

    Speaker 11: Can you read like the last part?

    Speaker 1: I like that the kids are all in one area, and I can really listen to the conversations that they're having, and get a very easy quick check to see if there's any misconceptions when they're sharing out their work.

    Speaker 12: You kinda missed a bit of words, but that was all that I had. Nice job, I really like yours.

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