Series Success at the Core: Professional Development: Data-Driven Professional Development

Data-Driven Professional Development

Lesson Objective: Develop relevant, ongoing professional development to improve instruction
All Grades / All Subjects / Data Use


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does the school's leadership team work to ensure relevant professional development for teachers?
  2. What is the connection between data analysis and professional development?
  3. What has helped build teacher buy-in for professional development?


  • Private message to Mahalia Davis
The presentation on Data-driven Professional Development was very beneficial. I agree that if Leadership Teams and Content Leaders could focus more on Professional Development opportunities that discuss data, “focused and geared toward issues that we find with our students,” (like the one discussed in the video) then we will make a greater difference in the teaching and learning process. Many schools across the country are seeing improvements in student learning and achievement as they incorporate data-driven practices in their PLCs. The Data Carousel was an excellent idea. When teachers can collaborate more about the data and build their knowledge, they learn that intelligent and pervasive uses of data can improve their instructional interventions, not only for students, but it increases their feelings of professionalism, and enthusiasm for teaching!
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  • Private message to Leslie Sechler
I love that I see two of my teachers chatting below :) In watching this video I had two thoughts- first... I'd love to see subgroups pulled for data collection in our PLCs. What groups are we missing? What tools or resources can we take advantage of in order to reach those students and get them to grow? Secondly... It's eye-opening to actually hear a teacher say "I was resistant because this is not a part of my routine or teaching habits." We have to be open to changing our routines, which are SO easy to settle into and find a way to grow as professionals in order to build and support growing learners in our classrooms. We have to first reflect, what are we doing? Why are we doing it? and then bring those same questions into our classroom. Ask students, "What are we doing? Why are we doing it?" I also love that a district support was brought in to build capacity of teachers in this area. We are SO fortunate to have a strong administration that truly understand the importance of data driven conversations that they are present when PLCs meet to discuss and reflect on what's happening in classrooms.
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  • Private message to LInn Williams
Hey Kelsey!! I agree that our school is strong at collecting data and understanding data. I also agree that we need to take the next step and let data really transform our teaching. I am very optimistic that our professional development on personalization is going to help us to focus on the data, so that we can truly make our lessons more meaningful and ensure student mastery of the content.
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  • Private message to Kelsey Wallace
Data is something we as a school are strong at. Our PLC is data driven. When watching this, I have to ask myself, are we taking the data back to the students to show how we teach and where each student is in talking with standard mastery. As we go through data and talk about data a lot of times and it just stops at the data room. If we discuss this with our students then they see our goals and start making personal goals for themselves. I love the idea of the data carousel and posting the data (safely) in your classroom. The students can actually SEE the progress that they are making. This not only helps us as teachers analyze student work but also students are now analyzing their work and how they can make progression through the class.
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  • Private message to Alesha Nolen
This video spoke volumes to what professional development could and should look like. Some ideas that stood out to me that I think will be helpful in my particular school are the data carousel and having members of the leadership team or other designated teams present the data using different subject areas, different presenters, and an example scholar from each person's RTI^2 tiered group for example. Really breaking the data down is what I believe will allow teachers to take it and implement it into the classroom which is what the video encourages. The idea of taking fresh, unraveled data back into the classroom will not only work as productive professional development time, but truly allow our students to R.I.S.E in the classroom and make SMART goals for themselves!
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