No Series: Pick a Side: Warm-Up & Discuss

Pick a Side: Warm-Up & Discuss

Lesson Objective: Physically take sides to show agreement or disagreement
All Grades / ELA / Debate


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How could you use this strategy as both a warm-up and reflection?
  2. Would you use the "cold-calling" approach?
  3. Why or why not?
  4. How could this strategy be used across disciplines?


Private message to Raven Groom
This is a great intro/warm-up activity. It gets the students engaged immediately.
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Private message to Nadeen Brown
I like this idea.I am going to use it as a warm-up activity in my debate class as I need to ensure that all my students voice their opinion without being judged.
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Private message to Colo NESCO
Movement keeping students engaged. Good. Could be agree/disagree, but also could work for right/wrong, can expand for 3 or 4 choices.
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Private message to Scott Schneider
I like this strategy in science class when asking students to agree with two different explanations for an observed phenomenon. It helps to encourage students to provide evidence for their opinions. It works well with the Page Keeley misconceptions probes- Understanding Student Ideas series.
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Private message to Sabreen Jai
I like. This activity serves several purposes. It offers choice. Students must validate their answers, and they can move.
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  • [00:00]
    Interviewer: So to get us warmed up, and to get the blood flowing we’re gonna do our agree/disagree activity.

    Interviewer: So to get us warmed up, and to get the blood flowing we’re gonna do our agree/disagree activity. If you agree, you’re gonna come walk over here. Then if you disagree, you’re gonna come move over here.

    The pick a side strategy is useful for a lot of different ways.

    Move to the side of the room if you agree or disagree that characters in books can be like real humans, they’re just like real humans.

    Well it gets everyone involved instantly. And it’s a quick activity just to start getting the blood flowing, getting our minds working for the day. We will then sometimes stop, especially when kids are on opposite sides, and have one or two share out why.

    Xavier in our middle, defend your point.

    Interviewee: Some characters can be like humans in certain ways. But say if you’re reading a horror book, and a character falls right when she’s getting chased, like that’s not something a real human would do. And like stand there before she get stabbed.

    Interviewer: Excellent. Okay, so now I want you guys to pretend like we’re Arnold.

    I usually use cold calling with this ‘cuz it’s just whose on which side. They get drawn into the conversation very easily.

    Would he believe that reading can help us understand ourselves, agree or disagree?

    I also use that same activity as a check for their understanding.

    Kyle, what do you think, why are you on that side?

    Interviewee: Because I feel that he’s confused at himself enough, like I don’t think anything could help him understand himself.

    Interviewer: Perfect, so he’s confused, he doesn’t know. All right, so let’s head back to our seats.

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