Sharing Common Core Language with Students
Lesson Objective: Use the Common Core to share expectations with students
All Grades / All Subjects / Expectations


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Thought starters

  1. How does talking explicitly about the Common Core affect students?
  2. What could you do to adapt Ms. Novak's strategies for your grade level?
  3. How could sharing the Common Core with your students enhance your own understanding of the standards?

Sharing the standards with the students is an essential introduction to every lesson. The How, the What and they Why are so important to gaining student attention and getting the hook into your lesson. It is also important to share the common core standards with students so that they become used to the vocabulary used and key terms that the common core uses for future use.

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There should always be an intro like the one Ms. Novak demonstrated before going into a lesson. Knowing the why of something is just as important as knowing the what.
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I believe the teacher did an outstanding job explaining what and why they are learning. This was a great reminder to me that students tend to have better retention of topics that they know the "why" behind. I will definitely start using this strategy in my own classroom.
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Students knowing the expectations, and learning that the Common Core language will help them become more successful is very important. This gives information to the student with respect for their own "need to know". This video helped me to remember how important it is for all members in the class to know why they should learn the content.
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Sharing the standards with students is a great idea. Students need to know the teacher is accountable to something concrete; I think this invites a sense of shared responsibility.
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  • [00:00]
    Interviewer: Good morning everybody. If you could take out your common core standards for me please, we’re just gonna

    Interviewer: Good morning everybody. If you could take out your common core standards for me please, we’re just gonna kinda review what we’re gonna be doing today.

    I really think it’s important as a strategy to share the common core language with students because they deserve to know what they are learning.

    If you can go to the language standards, we’re gonna be looking at language standard number 5A. I told you this is gonna be like crazy because if you don’t have background in mythology or the bible, it’s very, very difficult to achieve this standard.

    You want to answer the how and the why and the what of learning as much as possible. They come in, and they need to know what they’re doing, why is it important? How are they gonna use it later in life, how it transfers to other places because that is the best way to get them engaged in the process.

    You’re gonna interpret figures of speech like literary, biblical and mythological illusions in context. I told you we were gonna talk about that in Old Man and the Sea. We actually are gonna start talking about it today.

    You tell them this is the common core language. They say that I need to teach theme, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You kind of read it through ‘em, “Okay, so everyone take out the common core. This is how I’m gonna do it, and this is why you need to know theme.” Then I always try to relate it back to them. When they get to see the common core language, they know I am accountable to something.

    I think that we owe it to them that this job is not a joke. This is not something that I did because I couldn’t do anything else. You know, I coulda done anything else. I chose this ‘cuz I feel like this is where I belong, and I want them to know that I take my job very seriously.

    It’s an indirect or passing reference. This is the cover of Twilight. What is this a reference or an indirect innuendo to? Why is she holding an apple? Time to go to your tables, one second; I want everyone to have the answer. She is not hungry, no, that’s very literal. We have to think.

    Interviewee: She’s doing something she shouldn’t be.

    Interviewer: Ten years from now they will know that I really, really cared about them learning those common core standards. That it wasn’t a joke to me, that it wasn’t something I felt like it was imposed on me by big brother. This is something that I am supposed to teach. This is something that I will teach, and this is something that you will learn, even if I have to throw a kid on the table.

    He’s physically looking crucified on the cross. Excellent job Jack. Round of applause for everybody here. Goodness gracious.

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