No Series: Podcasting To Personalize Feedback

Podcasting To Personalize Feedback

Lesson Objective: Provide personalized feedback through a podcast
Grades 9-12 / ELA / Feedback


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does recording the feedback make it more personal than written feedback?
  2. In what ways does providing feedback via a podcast make the process more collaborative?
  3. Why do you think students are more likely to listen to recorded feedback than written feedback?


  • Private message to Kayla Peavy
For those that comment using Google Docs, there is a voice comment recorder in the Add Ons for Docs called Kaizena. Instead of writing comments, as stated in the video, takes time, you can record your voice like you would normally on Google Docs.
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  • Private message to Anshul Jain
This is a nice technique. If your assignments contain videos, you can use to annotate them as well! many teachers are using the platform.
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  • Private message to Sarah Brown Wessling
@Lydia I downloaded the files and then sent them via email to students. Now, though, I use a VoiceMemo app on my phone and send them directly from there. Hope this is helpful!
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  • Private message to Lydia Odessor
How did you get recordings to the students?
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  • Private message to Sarah Brown Wessling
Hi Ingrid! Now, students actually have tablets, so instead of using an iPod, I use a VoiceMemo app and share the file with them. Interestingly enough, I started a version of this with cassette tapes 20 years ago and now I've graduated to file sharing. :)
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    Teaching Channel
    Transcript of
    Feedback with a Podcast
    Teacher: Sarah Wessling GLI Tip & Trick

    Sometimes when students hand in

    Teaching Channel
    Transcript of
    Feedback with a Podcast
    Teacher: Sarah Wessling GLI Tip & Trick

    Sometimes when students hand in a paper I decide to offer them some personalized feedback by creating individual podcasts for them.

    My preference right now is to read the paper through first, put little anchors, something little key words, and then I pull out my iPod, I put a little recording device in there and I push record and I talk to them.

    Teacher: Comment #1, I really like the title here. I’m actually wondering if maybe just having a colon afterwards and defining this preservation a little bit more might be helpful.

    I’ll offer them suggestions for revision or maybe I’ll read a sentence out loud to them so that they hear what it sounds like to me, and I will then ask them is this what you wanted to sound like.

    Teacher: A rose exits from the ground, the stem gains multiple perspectives, the child that progresses. I don't know if you hear what I hear but I hear the sentences starting very similarly so maybe think about changing the structure of the sentences.

    When I first started teaching I spent all of this time writing on these papers and writing on these papers and I would give them to the students and then the ones who were really wonderful kids but less conscientious would just throw them in the garbage on the way out. And I decided well, I can change how I do this.

    Teacher: Comment #10, preserve a style of thinking that is distinctive. I love your voice here, I love it so much I want it so much earlier.

    This is not a teacher talking to a student. I want them to feel like it’s a writer talking to a writer, a reader talking to a reader, a thinker talking to a thinker.

    Teacher: What if you tried to take out passive voice …

    It takes the same amount of time, the only difference is I can say so much more in 15 minutes than I could ever write. And they listen to it.


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