No Series: Reflections on Practice & Growth

Reflections on Practice & Growth

Lesson Objective: National Teachers of the Year reflect on learning and growth
All Grades / All Subjects / Learning


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How do these teachers talk about their students' growth?
  2. How do these teachers talk about their own growth?
  3. How can strong relationships help to support growth?


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  1. How do these teachers talk about their students' growth?

Working together as a team, learning their languages making sure to  build a positive relationship

How do these teachers talk about their own growth?

Restart, reboot and expand and input in the student to do their best, if you are not getting good results check things out to see how to start over and see the growth.

How can strong relationships help to support growth?

One teacher said, that we are a work in progress, substaing professional growth and completing what you started; and if learning is not happening there is no growth and this is when you take an step back and re-access.

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Great video. It suggest we should know our students!!!!Wow

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Caring enough to learn who your students are is the begining of true teaching. The video gave three disctinctly voices a chancer to be heard. 

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Teachers have to always get better because teachers always have a different group of students in front of them. The strategy you use for one group of students may not work for another group; so you have to perfect another strategy for that particular group of students. The most important thing is that you are paying attention to the students in front of you on how to move them to where you want them to be. Teachers should collaborate with other teachers and learn from each other’s experiences. We should be able to inspire our students, believe in them, and help them believe in themselves. Invest yourself in each of your students, find out what makes them unique so you can know when to push them, and when to back off.

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"Getting better means that I'm paying attention to who's in front of me." - Sarah Brown Wessling


So true! Students change every year, so we have to change and adapt to them. 

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Johnston IA 50131
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