Series Success at the Core: Leaderhip Teams and Quality Instruction: Norms for Leadership and Learning

Norms for Leadership and Learning

Lesson Objective: Explore practices that help teams focus on quality instruction
All Grades / All Subjects / Teaming


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. Why are norms important to leadership team functionality?
  2. How have leadership team practices directly impacted classroom practices?
  3. What have the leadership teams done to maintain an instructional focus?


  • Private message to Elaine Logan
I chose this video: Norms for Leadership and Learning. With clear norms that have been designed by team members, members of groups are able to hold each other accountable when norms are not being met. Norms inspire active participation and offer "concrete tools to improve"..instruction and leadership. In order to for leadership teams to be of any consequence, members need to work together to set and accomplish clear goals in effective ways. This is a way to put an end to micro-management, spinning wheels and passing the buck. Collaboration and communication are an essential part of "making things happen", getting things done, and improving and inspiring all who are part of the school environment, students, teachers, and leaders.
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  • Private message to Molly Chingliak

The norms makes the group one, and work together rather than how he stated "us/them" but they all work together, and it is for the benefit of everyone involved.  The parents see that it is an unbiased framework and everyone is equal.  Thank you for sharing this video.

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  • Private message to Mary Bartz
Leadership norms are helpful as they help us get things done and work towards student knowing what we are wanting them to learn. (see notes)
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  • Private message to Nora CARDOSO
Collaboration is essential to student academic achievement. When a leadership team is able to communicate their ideas openly and with the understanding that we all perceive the world differently, it is then when the blending of minds can turn into a purposeful lesson.
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  • Private message to Andrew Cameron
I can statements :)
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Covington Middle School
11200 Ne Rosewood Rd
Vancouver WA 98662
Population: 1021

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