No Series: The N-Word: Complete Lesson (Uncut)


Common core State Standards

  • ELA:  English Language Arts
  • RI:  Reading Standards for Informational Text 6-\x80\x9312
  • 11-12:  11th & 12th Grades
  • 7: 
    Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different
    media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words in order to
    address a question or solve a problem.

Download Common Core State Standards (PDF 1.2 MB)


Common core State Standards

  • ELA:  English Language Arts
  • SL:  Speaking and Listening Standards 6-12
  • 11-12:  11th & 12th Grades
  • 1c: 
    Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one on
    one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 11-12 topics,
    texts, and issues, building on others'\x80\x99 ideas and expressing their own clearly and

    a. Come to discussions prepared, having read and researched material under
    study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts
    and other research on the topic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well reasoned
    exchange of ideas.

    b. Work with peers to promote civil, democratic discussions and decision making,
    set clear goals and deadlines, and establish individual roles as

    c. Propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that probe
    reasoning and evidence; ensure a hearing for a full range of positions on a
    topic or issue; clarify, verify, or challenge ideas and conclusions; and promote
    divergent and creative perspectives.

    d. Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives; synthesize comments, claims,
    and evidence made on all sides of an issue; resolve contradictions when
    possible; and determine what additional information or research is required
    to deepen the investigation or complete the task.

Download Common Core State Standards (PDF 1.2 MB)


Common core State Standards

  • ELA:  English Language Arts
  • SL:  Speaking and Listening Standards 6-12
  • 11-12:  11th & 12th Grades
  • 2: 
    Integrate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and
    media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) in order to make informed decisions
    and solve problems, evaluating the credibility and accuracy of each source and
    noting any discrepancies among the data.

Download Common Core State Standards (PDF 1.2 MB)

The N-Word: Complete Lesson (Uncut)

Lesson Objective: This is 82 minutes of authentic teaching, unedited, and without teacher narration.
Grades 9-12 / ELA / Analysis
1 HR 22 MIN
ELA.RI.11-12.7 | ELA.SL.11-12.1c | ELA.SL.11-12.2


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What You'll See: Socratic seminar, Common Core examples, Goal setting, Text-based discussion, Academic language, Partner work?


  • Private message to Ian Koehler

I have to agree with Brittany Hamton. Without appropriate representation, these students are debating a topic that should not be up to debate. This does not provide an authentic context for learning. 

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  • Private message to Brittany Hampton

I really wanted to watch this video due to me being a Black teacher. I think this could have been done differently. This entire lesson made me feel uncomfortable as a Black woman and as well as a teacher. First a guest speaker of some sort who is Black who has a lived experience with this word. Also having a conversation with students who have no lineage to a Black person seems counterproductive. The classroom has no Black students. Why are we even having this conversation? Second, how can a white student say that the Black community should not use the word. I am not here for this lesson, this Socratic seminar, and none of it. Teachers please understand just by putting something that references to Black people into your lesson is not CRP. 

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