Series Active Learning in Science with Tch Laureate Meg Richard: Citizen Science: Creek Water Analysis

Citizen Science: Creek Water Analysis

Lesson Objective: Create authentic learning experiences with citizen science
Grades 6-8 / Science / Tch DIY


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In this Tch DIY video, Tch Laureate and NGSS Squadster Meg Richard films her own classroom in order to show us how she uses citizen science to create authentic learning experiences for her students. 

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  • Private message to Ryan Cantrell

Citizen science is a great form of active learning. I learned so much during my undergraduate degree using this form of learning, it is nice seeing it used on younger students. This project allowed students to not only see how important the lesson is in their classroom, but apply it to reality where there are jobs using this content. The students were also able to see the differences in water dependent on the source of it. 

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  • Private message to Cade Patterson

The Citizen Science provides a great opportunity for students to get a hands on experience. A Creek Water Analysis allows the students to see how science can be used in their future endeavors.  It was really interesting to see how all of the students were involved in this project as they were analyzing the creek water and home water and comparing the two. This really gets the students involved and seeing what may or may not be affecting their water sources. As a new teacher this is a great idea for a lesson plan to get everyone involved.

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  • Private message to Lindsay Cordero

I completely agree with you, Cade.  What a way to get the students involved in their local ecosystems!  

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  • Private message to Joseph Paris

  This is a real world activity, students get an opportunity to see water in their community. Seeing real world water issues , give students an active and engage student.

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  • Private message to Mary Bartz

Bringing the students outside to examine water in a creek nearby and make comparisons with the water from their own homes was a great idea. Charting data and doing this hands on is what kids need to learn that our water is important to us and we need to take care of it as we need it to live!

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  • Private message to Andrew Martin

This is a wonderful depiction of active and experiential learning; as an ELA class, I encourage students to get involved in citizen journalism - which is similar in that it's a democratic way for students to get involved in community life.

Thanks for showing us what this lesson looks like both inside and outside of the classroom; watching teachers model their craft is the best way for me to improve my own practice.


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California Trail Middle School
13775 West 133rd Street
Olathe KS 66062
Population: 729

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