No Series: Dramatic Interpretations of Poetry

Dramatic Interpretations of Poetry

Lesson Objective: Use tableaus to express poetry and emotions
Grades 6-8 / Arts / Drama
16 MIN


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does Mr. Wasse make this lesson applicable to his students' lives?
  2. Why is tableau an effective art form to use in this lesson?
  3. What structures does Mr. Wasse have in place for peer and self-assessment?


  • Private message to Bevina Potter
Hi David....thank you for posting this video...I tried this with my year 6 students and it worked really well.....the children were engaged, they participated and enjoyed was engaging and the very idea to explore poetry through drama was excellent idea..thanks once again and look forward to seeing more of these on the teaching channel....
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  • Private message to Sarah Kass
This is a wonderful lesson, or really multiple lessons. I think maybe I am not alone in wishing that some supporting materials had been provided. It would be so helpful to have an explanation of the first theater game, the text of the poem, the evaluation sheet, and the teacher's guidelines for tableaux. The poem seems to come from a story, but without knowing the name of the story, I can't search for it.
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  • Private message to dolly dressman
I think the kids and the teacher did a good job I liked having the students on stage to really take on the characters they chose to be.
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  • Private message to clare savage
what is the title of the poem used in this lesson?
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  • Private message to Julia Chope
Hi Brenda, This is a video we acquired from Curriculum Services Canada. We actually don't have the supporting materials for this video, but you might be able to find them by contacting CSC -
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