No Series: Pushing and Pulling: An Exploration of Force

Pushing and Pulling: An Exploration of Force

Lesson Objective: Experience the concepts of pushing and pulling across the curriculum
Grade 1 / Science / Force
14 MIN


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. Why is it important to start with what children know?
  2. How does grappling with problems such as moving the bucket allow students to use prior knowledge and identify new learning?
  3. In how many different ways do students experience the concepts of pushing and pulling?


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Paula Plesant

It is important to access prior kmowledge with a new skill or subject because it builds confidence in the student and gives the teacher a point of reference with the studies, it lets you know waht the studentsalready solidly know or understand and what they need to learn.

Grappling with a new problem to solve getting the creative juices flowing, it allows the students to try out ideas. This actually allows them to think critically to try to solve the problem; it helps them  to work collectively because they feed off of one anothers ideas.

The students experienced the concept of pushing and pulling with differnt kinds of toys. They experienced the concept in a practical way ,when they were given the problem of trying to move a heavy object ; do they push or pull??


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This was very insightful. The Teacher really brought home the usefullness of hands-on every day toys/objects/manipulative uses to bring home "Push & Pull" concepts in physical science on the K-2 level- This is a lesson that is easily adaptable of the Sp. Ed classroom setting. Also, offers Common Core LA curriculum opportunities. I liked it!
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Great lesson! I love the way she reinforces the concepts in various ways. This definitely makes me reevaluate the way I teach science.
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