No Series: Say it With a Song: Music to Help Memory

Say it With a Song: Music to Help Memory

Lesson Objective: Aid student memory and understanding by turning concepts into songs
Grade 2 / ELA / Mnemonic


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How can the use of music help students learn?
  2. What steps does Ms. Madison share for using any simple tune to teach a concept?
  3. Why is posting the lyrics (giving students a visual reference) important?


  • Private message to Avery Baird

Singing and moving around is an important learning tool in young ages because then they are more focused and engaged. I think turning lessons into a song, if possible, is a great way to get the students to repeat after the teacher and also enjoy the lesson more. Students are always signing and repeating things, so if the teacher can turn a lesson into a song, they are more than likely to go home singing that song, which means they are learning and remembering. 

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  • Private message to Pamela Ramirez

I like the idea of incorporating music into a lesson plan. Recently for one of my classes, I had to do a presentation with my group on history and art. In this presentation, we discussed different options for lessons that were about history. During my part of the presentation, I was going to teach the students an interesting take on learning the state capitals. I found a catchy and upbeat song that would grab the students' attention. By the end of the presentation, all the students were humming and dancing along.

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  • Private message to Savanna Foss

I love this idea of incorporating music to help students get involved in learning. It gets them excited and helps them remember it when preparing for a test or when doing homework.

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  • Private message to Kelsey Shaw
From this video I learned that creating songs in the classroom can be very simple and helpful for all subject areas. All one has to do is choose the key concept and set the words to a well known tune. I am wondering what some examples are of other songs you have written?
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  • Private message to Kristin Regalski
DO you have any of these written down to share?
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External Resource Materials


  • TIPS & TRICKS: Labarbara Madison – “Say It With A Song” Program Transcript

    Labarbara Madison (chanting):
    A noun is the name

    TIPS & TRICKS: Labarbara Madison – “Say It With A Song” Program Transcript

    Labarbara Madison (chanting):
    A noun is the name of a person, a place, or a thing – that’s right!
    “Say It with a Song”
    Labarbara Madison (Interview):
    The use of music and movement in the classroom is very important.
    Madison (singing):
    What is a pronoun? What is a pronoun? Do you know?
    Madison (Interview):
    First of all, you know the concepts that you must teach the children. Sometimes
    the concepts aren’t so easy.
    Madison (singing):
    It takes the place / of a noun
    Listen to the pronouns as we say names:
    I… me… we… he…
    Madison (Interview):
    Songs are really easy to make up. You just get your key concept, and you just
    put it to “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Jack and Jill”…
    Madison (singing):
    One hundred days, one hundred says
    Only eighty more…
    Madison (Interview):
    Especially as a new teacher, you’re kind of gaining your tools, you’re learning
    your trade… If music or movement helps you to reach that goal, then use it.
    Madison (singing):
    What is a pronoun? Now you know!
    Madison (Interview):
    Just take a simple little song and put a concept to it.

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