No Series: Learning with Numbers (Uncut)

Learning with Numbers (Uncut)

Lesson Objective: This is 50 minutes of authentic teaching, unedited, and without teacher narration.
50 MIN


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  • Private message to Charlotte Humphrey

Neat, When they get chance to talk to each other about the answer they are all speaking direct, and with a lot excitement.  Great Energy!


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  • Private message to Dominick Leonhardi

I think the entire lesson went well, right from the start. Kids were engaged and listening, there wasnt much time to goof off or get distracted, and the kids seemed to enoy themselves, which i think is key at a young age. I believe volume of the kids could have been better, but they are young, so i would probably look past that.

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  • Private message to Kiki Fortunat Nkulu

One thing that I noticed the entire lesson is that the teacher never mentioned an answer from the students as being wrong. May be to allow them to speak up so she can redirect their thinking in the right direction.

The teacher constantly asked open-ended questions and sometimes asked students to repeat her instructions to keep their attention to the work or lesson being taught. That approach is awesome cause all the kids were involved in the learning process. 

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  • Private message to ELIZABETH CLEMENT

the kids were engaged and the teacher included them. She used partners to have the children discuss what they were learning. She asked open rnded questions. She kept the class on task and made sure everyone understood what they were learning. She had really good classroom management. I will use a few of her techniques in my classroom. 

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  • Private message to Stephanie Lacey

The instructor did a great job interacting with the students.  The class had an opportunity to discuss their findings with other classmates and then expand on an answer that a fellow student shared.  Students were encouraged to share and work together while demonstrating positive reinforced behavior and respect for each other.  When the instructor saw a student struggling or getting off task, she was quick to ask challenge questions to bring the lesson back to task.

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