No Series: Seating Arrangements with Work Stations

Seating Arrangements with Work Stations

Lesson Objective: Arrange seating and materials to facilitate learning
All Grades / All Subjects / Organization


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. What does Ms. Spies take into account when making seating arrangements?
  2. How do work stations help Ms. Spies maximize instructional time?
  3. What kinds of materials does Ms. Spies put in the work stations?


  • Private message to Paula Pleasant

Paula Pleasant

Thinking about this in 2020. The desk now have hugh shields, I have 16 in class students and I am constantly concerned about the students being able to see the board. Suppliesare limited and there should be NO sharing which is now the opposite from what is usually done in Kindergarten. 

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  • Private message to Grace Chon

Through this video, I realized that students' seating arrangements can truly change how they learn in the classroom, depending on if they are facing other classmates, the wall, or the teacher. I think it's important that students are able to be grouped to work together and able to see the board so that they can focus. I also love the idea of the work stations so that all the supplies students need will be of arm's reach without any further complications needed. 

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  • Private message to Julio Jacobo-Martinez

The strategy of groups of 4 to promote cooperative learning it’s a great idea. Being able to arrange your classroom with small groups is very beneficial for peer support and encouragement. The workstation the teacher has in the middle of the desk seems to be very effective for her because the students do not have to be moving much gathering materials maximizing the instruction time. The teacher made a very good point be explain why we shouldn’t have the students backs facing the board. At our school we tier and group our kids base on data to better support each other. Great tips!

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  • Private message to Brandy Zavala

After watching this video, I learned that sitting arragements are a very important part of every classroom. When the students are in groups of four it is important to arrage the desks in a way that the students are facing the front board. In the video, I saw that the materials that the students will need are located in the middle of the group. This is a very good idea because the students won't need to get out of their seats when they need a pair of sizzors or glue. 

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  • Private message to Avery Baird

Having the students sit across each other is a great way to get them used to group work as well as grow their communication skills. I also liked how each student was facing the board so that there is no student who feels left out or misses out on a lesson. The supplies in the middle of the group is also a really great idea so that there is less movement around the room and also so that no student feels left out if they forgot a tool needed that day.

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  • Seating Arrangements with Work Stations Transcript

    Amy Spies: One strategy I use to help encourage cooperative learning is to have the

    Seating Arrangements with Work Stations Transcript

    Amy Spies: One strategy I use to help encourage cooperative learning is to have the desk grouped in four. I want to ensure that everyone still can see the front boards so I have no backs facing the board.
    Amy Spies: What else do you notice is similar?
    Amy Spies: I have found that having the students face each other and still have access to the board is important.
    Amy Spies: Where'd this come from, my goodness, I didn't see that before.
    +++ 00:00:36;16 +++
    Amy Spies: To helpe eliminate movement and have student have easy access to any materials or supplies that they need, I've grouped their four desks around a work station placed in the center and most of the supplies that students would need are located in the center. So they hve easy access. They're not moving around the room and they can get what they need without interrupting class time.

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