No Series: Snowball Technique: Build Knowledge Incrementally

Snowball Technique: Build Knowledge Incrementally

Lesson Objective: Use group work to build student learning gradually
Grades 6-12 / History / Differentiation


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does the snowball technique help with controversial topics?
  2. How might the technique work in your classroom?
  3. How can this strategy assist with differentiation?


  • Private message to Ana Harston

A differentiated classroom is  a great collaborative  learning experience for all students. I enjoyed  learning the  snowball technique. Keep the video coming!

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  • Private message to Shay Centilli

Student and student learning is an awesome tool and this snow balling strategy allows the students that are having a tough time understanding the topic, break it down and understand it step by step. 

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  • Private message to Andrea Grindea

The students have an opportunity to teach other materials and then express their opinions.  It would allow students to develop their language skills but also used certain language structures. 

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  • Private message to carmen berg
The snowball technique can help with controversial topics by helping students discuss what they learned. Students can share all the information they know. It is a great way to collaborate with others. Students in an ENL classroom can benefit from this strategies by grouping stronger readers and writers
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  • Private message to Marie Tortorici
This a very good strategy and could help students with learning data that they might not understand if they read it on their own. Peer learning and collaborating is an excellent way to support student learning. Students like to talk and stay engage during a lesson and this technique is very interesting.
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  • Summary

    Examples of tackling subjects and concepts that pupils find difficult to understand are explained in this video suitable for Key


    Examples of tackling subjects and concepts that pupils find difficult to understand are explained in this video suitable for Key Stage 2 and upwards.
    Students at the President Kennedy School in Coventry, consider the sinking of the Argentine cruiser The Belgrano during the Falklands conflict.
    The issues surrounding exclusion zones, peace plans and official secrets are slowly unfolded, giving students different source information.
    After absorbing the evidence, they swap information with one other student and then with two more, giving them a clearer picture of the facts and arguments.
    Later, Philippa Cordingley, director of the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education explains the use of this strategy supported by the research in this video.


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