No Series: Attention Getter: Say the Secret Word

Attention Getter: Say the Secret Word

Lesson Objective: Use a "secret word" to get students' attention
All Grades / All Subjects / Management


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does having students select the secret words encourage positive class culture?
  2. How can this simple, positive approach take the stress out of classroom management?
  3. In what other ways can you easily involve students in establishing class routines and rules?


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Wonderful idea!  Thank you. 

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The Curriculum Department has given me permission to skip this discussion.

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This creates a positive classroom culture because it gets the students involved and invested because they came up with the word. A secret word takes the stress out of classroom management because it sets a routine expectation for the students. When they hear the word they know what to do. Involving the students in the rules and procedure making lets them know that they are important . The creation of rules and procedures is for them and their learning and letting them become a part of making rules will only reinforce that this is their classroom. 

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It is a great idea that can also apply in the family~
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Seems like a really good idea. The student know at that point what is expected of them. Everyone will stop at that point and pay attention.
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    In the beginning of the year, I have the students suggest words that they love or like. Whatever strands


    In the beginning of the year, I have the students suggest words that they love or like. Whatever strands 0:16, wherever it’s coming from, not a problem. We vote, and we narrow it down to three. Then, from the three top contenders, then the kids vote on their favorite word out of the three. That word then becomes our secret word.

    Power! Okay. Just for clarification, guys, you guys need to follow the instructions.

    Whenever they hear that word come out of my mouth, it means that everything stops, eyes come back on me, and we continue whatever needs to continue. It’s a better situation than having the teacher stand in front of the classroom asking, “Be quiet! One, two, three!”

    Power! Very good. I was hearing a lot of good conversations, and I—

    It’s a different way, and it seems less negative. In their eyes, it’s more of a positive response, and they chose it, so it’s their word.


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Amistad Dual Language School
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New York NY 10034
Population: 418

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