No Series: Comics in the Classroom: An Engagement Strategy

Comics in the Classroom: An Engagement Strategy

Lesson Objective: Use comics to engage reluctant readers
Grades 6-8 / ELA / Reading


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How could comics be used to engage students in writing?
  2. How could you use comics to tackle sensitive issues?
  3. Once engaged, how would you encourage comic book readers to explore other books?


  • Private message to Wendy Holder
I liked this video. It reminded me of my younger son. He loves comic book style reading but isn't a big fan of reading overall.
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  • Private message to Theodore Berry
I love his is totally true. I actually had a college professor, Dr. Kim who told us all the time, "I don't care what you read, comics, newspapers, dirty stories! Just read!" I swear to god it sticks with me that he said exactly that. I completely agree with this approach. I have students who are reading a comic type of book called "Drama", and most of those students are boys!
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  • Private message to Jano (Susie) Childers
Just order several graphic novels to use in Social Studies from Amazon. This will help those boys and girls that really don't enjoy the topics in Social Studies. Thanks for the great idea.
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  • Private message to Beth Robinson
Great idea. Reading a book right now, "TheTrouble with Boys" focused on the reasons we are having a problem getting our boys interested in what we are reading in class. Wish I had this freedom with our high school students..
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  • Private message to Lori Miller
I just had this conversation with a 6th grade student's (boy) parents. I would love any specific titles or authors you feel I could suggest to him. This is my first year in middle school. I have 17 years in the elementary world. Thanks!
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  • Jon Scieszka, the best selling American children's writer and US ambassador for children's literature, talks with experts about the importance

    Jon Scieszka, the best selling American children's writer and US ambassador for children's literature, talks with experts about the importance of comics and graphic novels for primary English pupils.

    Jon talks about the need to get boys in particular, excited about reading and says that one way to encourage this is through cartoons and comic books.
    Art director of the New Yorker Magazine, Francoise Mouly, explains the importance of cartoons and how they offer a less intimidating approach to beginner readers.

    Graphic novelist, Dan Goldman, explains why he considers cartoons to be an important part of reading.


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