No Series: Expressing Emotions Through Dance

Expressing Emotions Through Dance

Lesson Objective: Use movement to express emotions
Grades 6-8 / Arts / Dance
16 MIN


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. Why does Ms. Thomson begin with having students use the five senses to examine inclusion and exclusion?
  2. What strategies does Ms. Thomson use to teach collaboration skills?
  3. How does Ms. Thomson use dance to increase understanding of literature?


  • Private message to Shuang Ru
At first I was amazed by you say "we do dancing to teach every subject at school", then after watching your video, i just realised that how useful it is! Students can not only physically get engaged in classroom, but they will have an comprehensive and overall image of what feelings are look like! They explored novels first, get to express what they understood about the characters which may enhance their own ways of expressing emotions and get to know others' emotions through their faces, body and movements. Also in this class, students get to know how to work with groups and most important, how to solve disagreement inside AND outside group. They also get feedback from peers, do self-reflection and in the process, teacher did not directly give them instructions but guided them, only gave help when necessary. An amazing class, and I have learned a lot, also enhancing my understanding about social-emotional learning which I am learning right now! Thank you very much!
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  • Private message to Mary Bartz
What a great way to express words like sad, happy , confused and welcomed. This teachers class includes team building and problem solving together. By doing feeling words they were learning ways to deal with their own feelings and the feelings of others who are in that situation.The music in the background allowed the kids to br creative problem solvers. It was neat to see them all working together what a great way to learn! i would have loved being in her class when i was that age! The kids enjoyed truly being engaged in the lesson and walked away with a deeper meaning as they got to act and dance their answers out together. The use of movement also allows brain breaks which kids need at school. By examining what would exclusion look like ,smell like, taste like , feel like ... they got to use their sense in learning what it must have been for the character. Like her lesson alot!
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  • Private message to Abhishre AG
Hey this is a great video. I'm doing a similar unit in my class for a mixed grade of 3 and 4. Can you suggest some stories I could get the students to read for this unit ?
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  • Private message to jejoy jacob
This was very helpful and i learnt a lot. Thank you for posting this video :)
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  • Private message to Brian Martin
Ms. Thomas I really enjoyed how well you incorporated the imagery of words through dance. I am writing a paper about using dance in the work place and I would like to use your video as an example. When did you start developing the skills for dancing, and when did you start incorporating it into the classroom? What accomplishments derived from using the art of dance in your classroom?
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