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#TchLIVE: Where Do You Find Motivation?


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The subject for this month's #TchLIVE Twitter chat is motivation. We all need it and we all find it in a variety of places. When you're having a tough class, day, or week, where do you turn for motivation?

We've come up with an assortment of ideas and activities to try, and we can't wait to hear what fills up your motivation tank during our #TchLIVE Twitter chat.

Reboot and Reset

Sarah Brown Wessling was desperately in need of some rebooting, so she came up with a five-day plan to reset and give herself a fresh start. Here's Sarah's 5-Day Reboot. Go on, give it a try! You'll be glad you did.

Share Why You #LoveTeaching

You've probably seen this hashtag floating around on Twitter. During the week of Valentine's Day, teachers are sharing why they #LoveTeaching. Get a motivational boost by participating in this campaign by tweeting, blogging, and sharing.

Watch a Motivating Video

Here at Teaching Channel, we love teachers (Teachers Rock!) and we've got some videos that might just be the ticket.

Teachers Are…

Students Are Worth It

My Best Advice After 34 Years of Teaching

What Do Teachers Make?

Help Out a Fellow Teacher

Maybe helping out a fellow teacher and sharing some wisdom or kind words is what you need. Head to Teaching Channel's Q&A forum where you can participate in hundreds of conversations on a variety of topics. This might be a good place to start: How do you get over a rough day?

Join Our Twitter Chat

And… You're not alone! Don't miss our chat on Thursday, February 26th at 4pm PST. We will share our experiences and dig into other ways teachers stay motivated.

Use the hashtag #TchLIVE to attend. See you there!

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Julia Chope is Teaching Channel's Social Media and Content Producer. Follow her on Twitter, @JuliaChope.

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