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Hey Folks!

I hope the summer is treating you all well. We’re currently engaging with teachers in a pilot course, pairing videos of teacher practice with high-quality instructional materials. While our course is now full, we want to make these resources available to all of our Tchers.


How Can You Get Free, High-Quality NGSS Materials?

It’s simple — if you teach science in grades five through nine and want to make use of the Disruptions in Ecosystems unit and videos, let me know.

This unit helps to illustrate what three-dimensional learning looks like with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and positions you to implement these practices.

By partnering with some of the finest science education organizations in the country and leveraging our own tools and models, we’ve created a suite of innovative resources. These resources are designed to support educators in implementing three-dimensional instructional materials in the classroom and in using uncut videos (unedited classroom footage) to support reflective practice.

Thanks to the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, we’re thrilled to invite you to use these for free!

So if you want to learn more or just want to go ahead and join us, contact Catherine Guimaraes at

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your work.

Catherine White Guimaraes is an Engagement Manager at Teaching Channel. Prior to her work with Tch, she led a team in designing online learning courses, served as an assistant principal at a middle school, led educators across New York City in the transition to the Common Core, and taught in middle schools in Boston and Washington, D.C. You can connect with Catherine on LinkedIn.

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