Series Success at the Core: Implementing New Programs: Implementing a New Curriculum

Implementing a New Curriculum

Lesson Objective: Successfully implement a new English Language Arts program
All Grades / All Subjects / Implementation


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Discussion and Supporting Materials

Thought starters

  1. How does the leadership team support ELA teachers as they implement a new curriculum?
  2. Why are flexibility and accountability both important in new program adoption?
  3. What structures helped to ensure the effective implementation of a new program?


  • Private message to lukonde kachamulandu
hello ladies i just joined this web site and i am currently perusing a degree in civic education and cultural studies.i would like to find what is it that you feel curriculum developers and implementers alike must consider in order to develop a curriculum that will achieve national ideologies. your consideration is highly appreciated.
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  • Private message to Kris Hartman
I like the idea of the literacy coaches getting a week long training and planning and teaching the new curriculum before all of the teachers are expected to teach it. They also continually meet with the district level and the staff continually to work on "how to teach" the curriculum. In our district a few teachers are barely given time to pilot in the spring and the next fall we are all expected to teach the new curriculum. We are also not given the materials until right before school starts and sometimes not until after school has started. We are all swimming upstream with no one who really knows anything about the curriculum. This makes it very difficult to all be teaching the same things like the school in the video was able to do.
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  • Private message to Patrcia Mesch
Yes, they need to be able to alter it to the needs of the classroom.
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  • Private message to Tim Lewis
It was a 6 minute video, just an overview.... No more infused than your post....
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  • Private message to Yanira Vazquez
I like the idea from the teacher towards the end of the video. "We don't have to talk about what we're teaching anymore because we're all teaching the same thing. We get to talk about the how - how to make it better for kids." Good lessons for future implementation.
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School Details

Shaw Middle School
4106 North Cook Street
Spokane WA 99207
Population: 584

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Christine Lynch
Amanda Romey
Aaron Allen
Jeffrey Hendryx


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